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Nutrition Coach Reveals The Keto Diet’s Biggest Myth

Carbs might not be your enemy after all.

There’s no denying the appeal of a burger (yes, even a vegie burger for you vegans out there), but when it comes to the raging debate between the keto diet and a regular healthy diet, there’s been no shortage of keto combatants who are quick to point out the superiority of their nutrition practices over another.

For the uninitiated, the keto diet is basically a diet which endorses an extremely low-carb intake or even zero carb intake. This in theory forces the body into a state of ketosis which sees it breaking down protein and fat for energy as opposed to carbs. The result is supposedly weight loss.

Graeme Tomlinson who is a nutrition coach took to Instagram to dispel the keto diet’s biggest myth in today’s trend-driven health and fitness space.

“The Keto diet has credence regarding epilepsy,” he said in the post.

“But for rational human beings, including level headed keto dieters, this comparison highlights some extreme and farcical concepts of the ketogenic diet regarding fat loss.”



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Using a burger comparison, Tomlinson highlighted the calorie intake between a regular burger and a keto burger without carbs.

“The extreme beliefs that carbs inhibit fat loss and that fat can be shed in a state of ketogenic caloric surplus are both fanciful and false. In fact, they are as deluded as believing that this avocado bun won’t slide around in your hands like a BMW in the snow. Rigorous studies continuously negate direct relationship between moderate carbohydrate consumption and weight gain.”⁣

The truth, according to Tomlinson, is that carbs has absolutely nothing to do with it and your overall caloric intake does.

“Like any method of eating, going keto is an option if it is rational and sustainable for an individual,” he says.

“But given the demise of rationality in the fitness industry, it is hardly surprising that keto ‘conceptual fat loss exclusivities’ (which rips up 7 billion years of evidence) keep prevailing.” ⁣

⁣Tomlinson explains that such pro-keto/anti-carb beliefs would instantly identify the ‘keto burger’ as the best option for fat loss even though it contains a high volume of cheese and streaky bacon.


“Yet, by virtue of rationality, fat loss is (and always will be) about achieving an overall caloric deficit, regardless of the food consumed. Therefore, in isolation, this keto burger is more detrimental to fat loss than this regular burger.⁣”

The real answer to this is that both burgers can be an option and the ketogenic diet can work for fat loss, but only if the state of caloric deficit is achieved, i.e. a shortage in the amount of calories consumed relative to the amount of calories required for maintenance of current body weight.

In other words if you’re smashing through keto burgers without regulating how much of it you eat, then you won’t be losing any weight anytime soon. As with most things a balanced diet needs to be paired with balanced exercise and no one method is the silver bullet.

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  • Daniel Simmonds

    What the fool doesn’t talk about is how the carbs will spike your insulin leading to the calories being stored as fat and by messing with your ghrelin levels leave you feeling hungrier much sooner.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Of course a caloric deficit causes weight loss. Keto doesn’t deny that.
    Also, it’s hard for this guy to sell his books when people are on the keto diet and don’t need his books. This guy isn’t helping you. He’s selling you his stuff

  • my2cents

    Who says the choice must be eating one of the two burgers (whole, that is)? What I typically do is taking the regular burger and eat only 1/4 to half of the bun that comes with it.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Another thing not mentioned is that someone who is in ketosis and eats that keto burger will more than likely eat nothing else that day. The person eating the regular burger will crave carbs and sugar and likely eat more. In this situation the keto burger is clearly the best choice for a calorie deficit weight loss plan

  • Urni Jonz

    What is Grame’s doctorate degree in? Oh wait he’s a chef and not a medical professional just another blogger that’s trying to get his name out there.

  • TruthbTold

    Call it Keto, or whatever you want….
    I have been staying away from those things that spike my blood sugar, selecting those things that are healthy and easier to process. I make my own grain-free bread and use best quality meat I can find-lots of good veggies! Its not about avoiding all carbs, its about being selective and eating less while feeling satisfied. Lots 40 lbs, have LOTS of energy and put more time and love into my food nowadays!

  • Buck Turgidson

    Thank you.

  • jeff campbell

    I wouldn’t eat that keto burger like that anyways .too messy .I would take half that avocado, slice it then put it in the burger and lettuce wrap it . Much easier to eat. I’m new to keto and have loss 10lbs in 3 weeks so far. I usually only eat between 1400 to 1700 calories of my 2000 recommended and I feel satisfied. Most of the time I’m not even hungry.

  • Daryl W

    Clearly this man knows nothing of Keto. Insulin is the KEY to weight gain. Carbs are killers and fools still judge it without ever trying it, or do it wrong altogether. Inflammation is the root of all evil. Carbs = Inflammation. I’ve experienced a vanishing Gut and overall improvements in Joint & Back pain. My digestion has never been better. Don’t listen to this fool.

  • patrick

    …..yes it is a caloric deficiency, is required like in any diet, no one made any other claim otherwise. Due to the high amount of fat you eat, you are sated, I can easily go 18 hours between meals very easily and not be hungry at all, without snacking (that starts insulin production and stores fat). You eat less calories and force your body to burn fat to make up the deficit. Do you truly not understand how the diet works?

  • Ozius X

    Omg what a fucking moron. First off, most hardcore keto folks aren’t eating a fucking bun at all. That burger with no bun would be about 300 calories less. Also, all calories are not the same. A nutritionist should know that eating 100 calories of carbohydrates and 100 calories of fat are not the same. Not only does the fat not spike your insulin, the storage hormone, but it also uses more energy breaking down the fat and protein then the carb, which is already in almost the perfect state to be used for energy. So calories in calories out is not the answer. It’s the type of calories going in that matter more. This guy is the reason people don’t lose weight.

  • Moose and Squirrel

    Ah yes, another “nutritionist” working from a 1970’s playbook that thinks our body works like a furnace.

    Eating fewer calories reduces your metabolism to match which is why most people attempting to eat less and work out more get that rubber ball thing where the weight comes right back.

    Eating food that causes spikes in blood sugar (carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol) produce an insulin release that tells your body to store the excess blood sugar as fat. Eventually the cells may become insulin resistant and you end up diabetic.

    Your body reacts different to foods calorie types, how quickly digestible the food is and how much it spikes your blood sugar. Its ALL about the blood sugar.

    Six years ago after I gained a lot of weight from a back injury. I tried all the “expert” dietician diets and ate fewer calories and kept gaining weight. So (in the absence of knowing about paleo or keto) and having developed my own dog and cat food diets to prevent them from getting diabetes, I drank only water, no smoothies/juicing/shakes/powders/pills/things in cans, more oily fish, whatever meat I felt like in moderate amounts (including steak) and plenty of vegetables and occasionally fruit, usually blueberries.

    I lost 95lbs in six months (more than I gained) and maintained the weight loss since.
    My outdoor cats live into their 20’s when the lifespan of an outdoor cat is 3-5 years and 10 is old for an indoor cat. My extra large breed dogs that have life expectancies in the 8-12 year range lived to 13, 16 and 18. Because I fed them meat including organ meats, no rice/potatoes/wheat/corn/soy, some vegetables and no grains.

  • Moose and Squirrel

    I had the same thought. The author picked that because it looked messy and hard to eat. So far thats the first time I’ve ever seen a keto/paleo burger with an avocado “bun”.

  • My Nasty Self…

    Come on Daniel. Stop distracting us with “facts” and “science”. We all know pundits and opinion writers are the real source of truth.

  • Jarred Phillips

    I did the calorie counting, lost 10 percent of my bodyweight and then it just stopped. 320 to 290. Was walking over 7 miles a day @ work. Switched to keto and IF, dropped another 80 and didn’t feel like I was starving all the time. Oh, I also have more muscle than I have ever had and I haven’t touched any weights with this weight loss. Previous weight loss efforts mixed with weight training and I lost considerably more muscle mass. Guys a clown. Like everything else in life it’s not a simple math problem. Calories in calories out isn’t even close to the whole story.

  • Jarred Phillips

    Hell, furnaces are more complicated. What type of fuel is the furnace using? Is there a damper, what’s it set at? What is the thermostat set at? I guess it’s human nature to over simplify everything. I don’t understand the hatred for carb cutting.

  • David Wooldridge

    This nutrition coach should pick a new career because he has NO idea what he is talking about.

  • Ron Clark

    I don’t think Ancel Keys was a medical professional either…..and look at the mess his influence on nutrition has gotten this entire county in for at least the last 40+ years.

  • Rich Ward

    Thank you! You’re the first comment I’ve seen that brings up the key fact that a calorie is NOT a calorie.

    Also, keto isn’t just low carb but getting rid of sugar as well.

  • ano333

    “like a BMW in the snow.”

    My BMW handled conditions just fine. Xdrive for the win!

  • Joseph Lawter

    Since I haven’t seen anyone mention it… what is he talking about, 7 billion years of evidence? The earth formed approximately 4.3 billion years ago. Hominids only appeared a couple million years ago. What a clown.

  • Mike at PricePlow

    First, you should probably label fiber.

    But if this was serious, then you would run an experiment with a CGM and a couple of insulin tests at the lab. Eat each one fasted, then plot your before and after insulin and blood sugar curves.

    What you’ll notice is that insulin and blood sugar response are both lower on the higher-calorie one, which means the user will return to beta oxidation sooner.

    Overall I’d honestly probably call this one a wash, but it all depends on the dieter’s insulin resistance with that carby burger and their fat adaptation / metabolic advantage of ketosis.

    Long story short: you’re not really as smart as you think you are until you actually check your physiological response to foods and consider the individual patient.

  • Chip Council

    Me too. This author lost me in the first sentence… “There’s no denying the appeal of a burger (yes, even a vegie burger for you vegans out there), but when it comes to the raging debate between the keto diet and a regular healthy diet,” Two things 1) Keto is also a healthy diet, in my circumstances and based on my blood work; and 2) I see no debate, Calorie counting works for some, Keto for others. Physicians have a hard time recognizing and articulating it. This is anecdotal, but at 53 and diabetic, I have lost more inches and pounds on Keto quicker than any other diet since I was in my 20s. Would it work for you, I have no idea.

  • Mike at PricePlow

    Correction: Refined carbs and seed oils = inflammation. Canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil… all that trash with high linoleic acid content — stay away from that crap!

  • rustybeth

    I agree. Goodness, an avocado bun would be hideously messy, even with a knife and fork. Now, a half an avocado, filled with a cheeseburger meatball, topped with lettuce and salsa would be AWESOME. And filling. And still nothing like that billion calorie hot mess up there. Ugh.

  • Kenny Sellers

    The same for the person who invented the 100 miles to the gallon carb…uretor.

  • BalaclavaBivvyGuy

    Saying “you just need to achieve a calorie deficit to lose weight” is kinda like saying “you just need to make loads of money to get rich” Likelihood of success of your approach is important. I find keto leaves me feeling much more satisfied at any given intake level than regular CICO / caloric reduction. The keto burger in that picture would leave me fully satisfied for a minimum of 12 hours. The other burger? I’d be hungry again in four hours.

  • Magorn

    If this nutrition “coach” doesn’t know what an eicosaniod is, what their role in wight loss is and which series is created when insulin is dominant and which is spurred by glucagon, he’s a quack who has no business giving anyone nutrition advice. The human body is MUCH more complex than “Calorie Intake”= weight gain/loss. In ketosis your body simply does not burn fat consumed as calories, that’s why you count carb and protein but ignore fat.

    Lost 100lbs in 3 months 20 years ago, another 50 in six months 10 years ago. Back on it now as I knock on the door of 50, let you know how it goes…just because I like the sound of being under 200 lbs…

  • Leonard Padget

    Six months and 53 lbs. gone. ‘Nuff said

  • Kenshin0011

    Lmao, so they are arrogantly planting their flag based on an argument that essentially positions itself that that random avocado burger is what every low carb dieter consumes?

    Her entire argument is ridiculous. There are vegetarian and even vegan low carb eaters.

  • Kenshin0011

    Also, does the author realize that most keto dieters would actually just be eating the burger on the right, without the bun??

  • Jack B. Nimble

    Hard to count the number of inaccuracies in this article.

  • Lila

    Who is this turkey??? Everything he said is incorrect.

  • Alan

    I know lots of people that are on a high carb low fat diet – 10% – 20% fat and do not have blood sugar and insulin problems. It is a whole foods plant based diet. Many a people get completely over their diabetes with this diet and there are plenty of Doctors that are helping people with their insulin problems with this diet. Before the standard American diet made it to the Asian countries they ate a low fat high carb diet with a very low rate of obesity, diabetes, heart disease.

  • Jessica Shin

    Sugar is a carb….

  • Suk Gill

    Keto isn’t about calories. The whole concept of keto doesn’t care about calories. You won’t eat anything else after that keto burger. What a dumb article

  • Jane Fowkes

    There is no “supposedly” about how Keto works. The fact that my husband has lost 20 kilos, I have lost 15, and several of our friends have lost many kilos proves that it does work. So far there have been no ill effects from it for my husband and me. Both 60 years old, my husband and I had full blood tests which revealed we were healthy, and in fact, both of us had levels of “good” cholesterol which were the highest that either of our doctors had ever seen. I have been able to discontinue blood pressure tablets. One of our friends was actually advised by his doctor to go on the Keto diet to help with his Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Anton Margittay

    This article is incorrect. I promise that I eat more calories than I burn and I lost 50+ pounds. This diet can also be very helpful in the complete reversal or extreme improvement of several mental and physical disorders. This is a 100 percent cure for type 2 diabetes…that should be celebratory on its own….people just need self control.

  • Christine

    He states that if you are smashing through keto burgers, you will gain weight but does not mention the loss of hunger on keto. I could not possibly eat a burger with a full avocado. It is also a silly example. I see plenty of people eat a lettuce wrap burger, I have not seen anyone replace the bun with an avocado. If I ate one, I would be done eating for the day. That is not true of most people eating a regular burger with bun.

  • Brian Lusher

    55 lbs in 12 weeks. Think I’ll stick with this whole keto thing.

  • Zee

    Wow this article is almost more ridiculous than the one about “If you own one of these dog breeds, call 911”, or any other article where you don’t even know where to BEGIN as far as addressing the bullsh*t avalanche.

    This author just boldly showed the world how freakishly uneducated they are. Congrats?

  • Mark Wilson

    Exactly. I’ve tried all kinds of diets. Low carb just works for me. Nothing else has. Just had to buy a smaller belt and pants. That’s all the emperical evidence I need, thank you very much.

  • Tammy England Roberts

    Has the author of this piece ever been on a ketogenic diet, lifestyle? It is obvious they don’t know what they are talking about. I am a diabetic and under a doctor’s care, I have made keto my way of eating. Eating keto brought my high blood sugars into normal range, and I felt great, losing 45 pounds, without cravings. It is the only way I can keep my diabetes under control. Contact “Ideal Protein”. It is a moderate keto diet that is low carb, moderate protein and moderate fat. This way of eating was a life saver for me!

  • Julio C. Spinelli

    He is totally wrong! Science supports the keto theory full blown. I can quote study after study that supports weight loss, after carb withdrawal. As a BME I am trained in stochastic system control and close loop systems, which is a simplification of how our body works. He probably doesn’t even know what these systems actually are! Assuming that the body is an open loop calorie in/ calorie out system as he and many do is naive at the least! The effect of sugar metabolism in the cells increases the production of Glycerol Phosphate which in turn increases the rate of conversion of free fatty acids into triglycerides, thus unbalancing the system towards fat accumulation. What the science supports is the exact opposite, he is totally wrong! Science supports the keto theory full blown. I can quote study after study that supports weight loss, with carb restriction going back to the 1800’s! it is the exact opposite, no data supports lowering your weight while eating carbs as a high percentage of your caloric intake! Even in obese children keto works! And I have a Dr in BME! I’ll take him on a controversy panel any time any place he chooses and crush him with data, no study supports decreasing weight long term eating carbs as a high percentage of your caloric intake!

  • Moose and Squirrel

    Easy. When the “food pyramid” was presented to government officials, they got lobbied from one end of DC to the other to change the recommendations which ended up nothing like what the actual nutrition trained doctors offered up. Hint: It wasn’t mostly carbohydrates and didn’t include as much dairy.

    Real food is expensive. A cracker or chip made from a cheap grain or vegetable and then fried in omega-6 heavy vegetable oil is cheap, tasty and very profitable.

    Plus you’re dealing with “professionals” who spent years being trained with fake data and BS “studies”. They aren’t going to easily admit that they wasted years of their lives and their advice to date has increased obesity and diabetes. Worse, many peoples ideas of a healthy or unhealthy meal are pretty much upside down and even after I lost a small persons weight on a low carb diet, most of my friends dismiss it.

    I guess my furnace example was to say that a furnace will predictably produce a specific amount of heat from a particular amount of fuel with a predictable amount of waste heat and combustion byproducts. Of course, if you fill a wood furnace with big chunks of wood, it’ll burn slower and longer. If you fill it with wood powder, it’ll burn hot and fast and similarly predictable.

    Our bodies don’t work that way when it comes to food. While we can subsist on a diet of mostly carbs or proteins or fat, I simply look at the glycemic index and if its high, I don’t eat it. And I don’t cut calories because that just slows my metabolism.

    I eat low carb/low glycemic foods, walk a mile or two every day (and thats it for exercise) and I maintain a healthy weight and am of good health.

  • Julio C. Spinelli

    Correct, these diets do indeed work while you can maintain caloric restriction. The problem is that long term most people can’t and/or stop given the option. That can be easily be seen while studying isolated populations that switched their diet to “civilized” diets. The advantage of keto style eating.m, I refuse to call it a diet , is that people are satisfied and not hungry and can sustain the approach to selecting foods for indefinite periods of time. And furthermore, all this is predicted by using stochastic modeling of cell energy consumption. The calorie in calorie out theory has no basis in fact science or data.

  • Julio C. Spinelli

    Remember that you don’t need a caloric deficit to loose weight. You just need the dynamic stochastic process that regulates fat accumulation versus fat utilization to reset its control point to one where less fat is stored in fat cells. That in turn is determined by ration of free fatty acid conversion to triglycerides versus triglyceride to free fatty acid conversion rates. Something that is arbitrated by Glycerol Phosphate. Glycerol is the compound that links three chains of free fatty acids together to forma molecule of triglyceride. Also remember that Glycerol Phosphate is proxie to the metabolization of glucose inside the cells!

  • Moose and Squirrel

    Yep, cheap vegetable oils are a leading cause of inflammation due to high Omega 6 content. A perfectly reasonable theory is that clogged arteries are due to inflammation affecting LDL, not anything to do with LDL levels or how much fat/meat you eat.

  • Moose and Squirrel

    95 in six months and bad blood tests to pristine.

    The next dietician I spoke with told me “You must be one of a kind”. When I responded to another dieticians article on the subject she responded “You just experienced loss of water weight”. Right. I was carrying around 95lbs of water and lost it for going on 7 years now…

  • Antonio Tony Solis

    LOL. ill trust my own experience and that of others that have lost over 100 lbs on keto. And yes , its not a life long lifestyle maybe, buy when you are over weight and morbidly obese and can possibly die any day, keto is an easy way to do something about your situation before its to late.

  • Julio C. Spinelli

    You are correct and I would like to invite you to think that since the body is an incredibly complex set of controlled systems interacting with each other the only important point is to understand how the body sets the weight at which it maintains our bodies. Then you will realize that it is all about the balancing of two dynamic processes lipolysis and lipogenesis and how the rate of each process is managed. Then you will discover that lipolysis is related to triglycerides becoming free fatty acids and lipogenesis by triglycerides being converted back into free fatty acids. You will also realize that Glycerol Phosphate is a key molecule that increases the rate of conversion of free fatty acids into triglycerides thus facilitating fat accumulation over utilization. Then you may also be intrigued by discovering that Glycerol Phosphate is produced every time glucose is utilized as energy inside the cell! Then, who would be surprised if after going into keto mode we loose weight? Shouldn’t it be obvious?

  • Moose and Squirrel

    There’s an older movie called “Fat Head” on youtube. It was written by a comedian/software developer to counter Spurlocks “super size me”. He spends the first half of the movie (with regular doctor checks) eating nothing but fast food but skipping the fries and soda. He loses a ton of weight and his blood tests improve. He then starts skipping the buns and other carbs, limiting himself to 100g of carbs or less per day and loses MORE weight and his blood tests further improve. By the end of the movie, he’s eating porterhouse steaks and vegetables swimming in butter and keeps losing weight.

    Honestly the first half of the movie is jabbing Spurlock in the eye, the second half does a nice job via animation and interviews with actual food scientists to explain why high carb vs low carb makes your body work differently.

  • Moose and Squirrel

    Keyes did a nice job of picking the data he wanted and discarding what didn’t fit his lipid hypothesis. What everyone forgot is he also said dietary cholesterol has nothing to do with blood serum cholesterol, which our government just recently agreed with. Its just a fat calories.

    Similarly, there are no feasible studies that show salt is bad for 99% of people, “instant oatmeal” and smoothies will spike your blood sugar, and many peoples ideas of healthy food are upside down. No wonder so many are so frustrated with their attempts to lose weight. Most of what they’ve heard is wrong and not backed by valid science.

  • Dony

    … I lost 130 pounds while on the keto diet, and I hope she never comes back.

  • Moose and Squirrel

    Yup, 500+ years ago if you asked a doctor about weight loss, they’d tell you to stop eating bread and dessert and drink only dry wine, no beer or sweet wine. And it worked.

  • Alan

    I am one of those that eat the high carb, low fat diet and i do not use calorie restriction. Neither do the others that i know that are on it. Some for a lifetime. I eat 3 meals a day, no snacks and i eat foods that satisfy my taste and hunger. Lots of grains, beans, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squashes. Lots of green leafy veggies and all other veggies. I am 64 years old and work hard 6 days a week. I have more energy than most people half my age. The main stream media combined with the meat, dairy, and egg industry has fooled people into this high fat, low carb diet. Long term health effects will not be good for people on it.

  • Karyn Ryan

    What this article fails to mention is that the keto diet removes most sugar from your diet. We do not need that white powdery poison in our bodies. It contributes to a lot of health problems most that don’t show up until later in life. Keto diet really gets to back to whole real foods and not all the processed stuff that is marketed to us daily. Keto “burger” is a stupid comparison. A person that may eat a keto “ burger” may eat 829 calories but that would be all they eat. If real person were to eat at “real” burger, let’s be truthful. They would have also eaten the supersizes fries and milkshake too!

  • Stevie Tee

    This article is such garbage! I’ve lost weight on keto…and know so many people that also have. Whoever wrote this article is probably highly religious too and tries to scare monger people into believing in hell

  • The Devil Wears Prada

    Pretty broad, sweeping sentiments. It’s fantastic you’ve found a food regimen that optimizes your potential, but many have achieved mind-boggling improvements in their health and well-being following a protocol vastly different from yours. Celebrate our differences. It’s not that hard. The article above also fails to respect those who find both merit and results in a low carb high fat diet.

  • Ken DeFilipps

    You’re literally are a moronic calorie-in-calorie-out fool

  • Autumn Haskell

    I was keto and lost weight. In only 2 months I lost 25 pounds. I barely had any time to work out, I even cut corners and occasionally cheated. Everything this article says is supposed to disprove the diet but it WORKS. Maybe it doesn’t for everyone, but an article like this isn’t going to be helpful when someone like me reads something like this and DOESN’T attempt it.

  • Austin Steigerwalt

    Entirely based on the individual… can’t say that as a straight up apply to all fact…

  • Gabrielle Nguyen

    Okay, this is person’s knowledge is a myth. Low carb diet used as a tool to lose body fat has been around for centuries, it’s not an Instagram trend. There is not a single diet for everyone and I personally get really sick eating carb.

    First of all, nobody actually eat an avocado burger like that. Maybe for the gram but not practical enough in real life. Keto diet is not exactly just about cutting calories but letting the body burn fat for energy during calories deficit without making you crave food or feel hungry all day.

  • Austin Steigerwalt

    You need an energy deficit… we aren’t violating the laws of thermodynamics stop this non-sense.

  • Austin Steigerwalt

    Everything this guy said is accurate and supported by the evidence… calories in calories out is in the simplest form the answer… the equation that makes up calories out is a very convoluted and not entirely understood mechanism of many processes…. with that being said laws of thermodynamics hold true.

  • Austin Steigerwalt

    Insulin does not inhibit fat loss… Equated calories and protein and keto vs. Higher carb diet yields same net fat loss… only supported by every comparitive study ever conducted…

  • Austin Steigerwalt

    Calorie in calorie out has the basic of support via the laws of thermodynamics…

  • Ozius X

    What evidence? Show me the studies. You can surely reference them correct?

  • Ozius X

    You look like an asshole btw lol

  • Gabriela De Leon


  • VernC

    Different strokes…. On Keto and Intermittent fasting and without exercise (at least not much ) I’ve lost 35 pounds, cut out high blood pressure meds, and got the best lipid panel in 30 years (I’m 85). Oh, yes, and I’ve been able to stop some cancer treatment too. Oh, and I forgot. A1C (pre-diabetes measurement) is down in the safe zone, now. I’ve never felt better. Don’t let them talk you out of trying it.

  • Ron Conroy

    Funny… I wonder how this “expert” would explain my weight loss of nearly 50 pounds over the last 6 months. Caloric reduction is definitely a part of it, but I still regularly eat 2 pound Ribeyes and enjoy food. Keto helps the average person burn fat faster than the conventional Western diet. You should still eat clean, but even if you get sloppy with lots of animal protein and fat, you still lose weight. Of course, you can still overeat and counter the fat loss. That goes without saying.

  • Ike

    I weighed 229 at 5′ 10″ and was pre-diabetic and had high blood pressure and cholesterol when I started Jenny Craig. In about a month or so I got down to 205 but was always hungry and going broke. In March of this year I started Keto. I’m no longer hungry all the time and have saved a bundle. My weight is now at 172 and I Iook and feel like a different person. My BP and cholesterol are now normal and I’m no longer pre-diabetic. To me Keto is not a diet but a lifestyle. I have no intention of going back to my former self. Everyone should do what they think is right for them and not face ridicule. If anyone tells me Keto doesn’t work, I will tell them they are full of it! To each their own.

  • Cooper

    Oh right, meat, dairy and eggs are generally high fat and unhealthy Vs high fructose corn syrup, etc. LMFAO

  • Jazzmin

    I’ was recommended to the Keto diet 4 months ago by my doctor, I feel amazing. Mental clarity, energy, I’ve lost weight and I’m no longer pre diabetic. My mom is doing it, it’s helped her with her menopause and other issues. My dad is doing it also for his cancer. Dr Josh Axe is amazing in How he breaks Keto down on his book (given to me by my doctor) people are use to living by a social norms, and fat doesn’t fit into that norm.

  • James Rush

    I’ve been keto for 2 years now. Not once have I been in a “calorie deficit.” This is dumb. Reached my goal in like 6 months and have been maintaining it ever since.

  • Valorie Pruitt

    Most keto people eat their burger lettuce wrapped. I can’t even imagine eating a burger with a whole avocado as a bun. It doesn’t even sound good.

  • Tracker1

    Sure, the burger has lower calories… Noe add the fries and large Coke. Compared to a side salad without croutons and a diet Coke or tea.

  • Tracker1

    Also, agriculture has only existed for about 5% of human existence and even then didn’t cover a significant portion of the world’s population for a fraction of 1% of human existence. Limited meals, fasting and ketosis definitely play a role. Beyond this, refined sugars and grains are not part of a natural dinner in any way. No amount of refined sugars is healthy.

  • Tracker1

    Asian culture includes a lot of fish, eggs and poultry. It’s not plant based

  • Tracker1

    The hell it doesn’t… There’s been lots of experiments giving high doses of insulin to healthy people. They become resistant and gain weight.

    Sugar and refined grains are bad for you. That doesn’t mean you can’t have carbs if you’re healthy. And healthy is relative.

  • Jeffery

    Yes insulin does inhibit weight loss. At the point where diabetics inject their insulin shots, you’ll find accumulation of fat. Insulin is a transpoter of nutrition, including proteins…signaling cells to uptake various compounds. Ncluding proteins, like I mentioned….and without insulin. They develop so many medical conditions. As the cells dont have the nutrients to maintain, themselves.

  • Kinema01

    Boston Children’s hospital ran a quite expensive, multi-million dollar study with three groups of participants: high carb, moderate carb, and low carb. All were given the same amount of calories, but it was observed that the low-carb group was at a net loss of carbs when compared to the high and moderate carb groups.

    This means that calories in does not EXACTLY mean calories out, and that the type of calorie matters very much. Nutritionists literally need to get with the times. We’re moving beyond fructose, and I’m hoping we lower our overall carbohydrate consumption.

  • Donte Beachem (Romerro)

    Stupid Article. Who paid this guy to write this.?

  • hff

    It is great that you want to loose fat. I know it is hard to get started so here are my 2 bigest tips for you.

    1. Find your caloric maintain level and eat 300-500 calories lower than you maintain level. You can just type in calorie calcylator on google to find a program that will do this for you.

    2. eat food that will fill you up with low calories such as vegetabels and chicken.

  • Richard Bucker

    this article quotes a guy with a fancy instagram account who is a self proclaimed coach. Calorie restrictive diets also work in the short term; just ask WW and QWL.However, neither address diabetes or fatty liver. It’s a complicated process and given the complexity of society, medical science, the FDA and the influence of big corps…

  • Brown Gary W.

    The key word being Plant….I agree it is very healthy way to eat….if you limit grains….thus limiting processed carbs…

  • Tony Parisi

    How about everyone eats what they want and shut the hell up? Just an idea

  • Brian

    Human bodies are not as simple as bunsen burners.

    Many folks find they are hungrier and therefore wind up overeating on a high carb diet.

    Sure you can blame the victim for overeating, but when you fix the system, the over hunger fades away.

  • Jason Kutlik

    First hand testimony however. A little over a year ago I weighed 272lbs. Today employing a keto diet I weigh 154lbs, 4 lbs shy of my ideal weight set by my dr. My A1C went from 12.2 and the dr talking about insulin pumps to 5.5 0 medicine.

    I’m tired of seeing this diet get destroyed by “nutritionists” quoted loosely mind you. It has changed my life I am quite literally half the man I use to be.

  • Brian

    You are still missing the point of the reduction of hunger cravings of a keto lifestyle.

    Human metabolism is much more complicated than a candle.

  • Colin Meyerowitz

    The writer is obviously not versed in physiology and understanding the concept of insulin resistance which is at epidemic levels, because of our massive carbohydrate intake. Before the food pyramid was forced onto the public, the average American consumed 5% of total calories in carbohydrates and now that is around 65%. And we wonder why there is an obesity epidemic. Try following some real science, Professor Volek,

  • Dan Heilman

    What an idiot, he doesn’t mention that the carbs will increase your insulin leading to your body forcing the fat into storage. He also states that it’s all about calories in versus calories out, which has been proven false. When you lower your calories consumption your body lowers your metabolism to preserve the fat storage so you don’t starve to death.

  • Ryan Taliercio

    Every BODY is different, but calories in and calories burned is what matters. People on a Keto diet tend to lose their appetite and are satiated for longer periods of time (fats make you fuller for longer), so THAT I think is the KEY to how it really works. Overall, your caloric intake will decrease, even with the “excessive” fats – by simply being hungry less-often. You won’t crave as much as you you do on other diets that restrict fats, so cheating becomes less likely (that is, if you listen to your body, and don’t eat when you’re not hungry). Also, if your body is more efficent when in ketosis (using Ketones vs. Glucose/Glycogen Stores for energy), than you may be increasing the metabolism overall as well, have more energy for workouts, thus an improved calories in vs. calories burned ratio.

  • Jon

    I mean… No shit though? I don’t think many of us on Keto are slamming avacado burgers without restraint. Most of us meal plan and log macros to get the best results. But this diet fills you up so much because of what we eat, it’s hardly a chore staying within a specified daily caloric intake. Even still, almost any nutritionist worth their salary and keto blog out there stresses the importance of monitoring calories as well as macros.

  • tony pikus

    Crap crap crap, I cut out the carbs went to eating huge amounts of fats – meats, cheese, fish, cook in butter and lard and lost 66lbs in 10 months with around zero effort. I dont count calories at all, I gorge myself till very full. My good cholesterol went up, my bad cholesterol down and my triglycerides crashed. I’m in my 60’s – i’m not now even eligible for statins as my blood tests have ruled me out. What is dangerous about Keto is the health of the big processed food maufacturers and drug companies Their mega profits will be very ill as more people wake up to the Con – That our advised diet has been very wrong for 50 years.

  • Julio C. Spinelli

    Sadly, you have been duped. Check your blood work in detail. I am also 63 and did exactly what you are doing and my profiles were suboptimal despite all the work and dedication. My specialty was pacemakers and I simply believed without checking. I checked after retiring and discovered the truth. I had been duped! Most of my professional career. Despite being in good shape I lost 30 pounds of fat in the last eight months and feel like if I was 18 again. No more tiredness, no more cravings, no more hard workouts, no more aches, etc. And all I am doing is understanding the truth and minimizing simple carbs and starches!

  • Julio C. Spinelli

    Tons of evidence support the contrary! Remember that there is no fundamental reason while all energy ingested needs to be used and/or stored. It is all potential energy and as such it can leave the body with the same level or even higher as it came in. For the first principle of thermodynamics to be violated the body would need to be an adeabatic system, which is not.


    Since I don’t own the truth and am open to learning, please point me to the data that shows that all energy that came in must stay in and only come out in the form of physical or chemical activity.

  • patrick

    My blood sugars were out of control (mid 20’s), been on keto 3 months, just checked blood sugar a few min ago…..6.4. have not touched insulin for 3 months or metformin for a month and a half

  • patrick

    ….agree….of course they would also toss a few dozen leeches at you and tie you down for a good bleeding

  • Moose and Squirrel

    I liked the buying new clothes part. When I stepped into a fitting room and put on pants that wouldn’t have fit me since I was a skinny JR in high school…took a day to slap that smile off my face.

  • Moose and Squirrel

    Unfortunately NO, the body is not a furnace. If you eat less, your metabolism slows down. If you eat way less than you’re burning, your body will consume muscle tissue. If you eat a lot of carbs, your blood sugar spikes and an insulin release tells your body to store the excess sugar as fat.

    It’d be nice if neat little calculations like “If I eat 80% of the calories I do now and run more, I’ll lost weight!” actually worked. Get to the back of the line of hundreds of millions of people who are annoyed they starved themselves and the weight came right back.

  • Moose and Squirrel

    Yeah, diet and nutrition studies are about the worst in quality in the first place. Most start with bad data, spindle and mutilate it and come away with a weak correlation that nobody else can reproduce.

    Good article on five thirty eight about “Why you should never believe nutritional studies” or something like that.

  • James Blue

    Hi Julio… Thanks for this explanation, which corresponds what I’ve experienced by experimenting on myself BTW. What does puzzle me, however : where is the “brake” on this “mechanism” ? I mean, there sure has to be something to prevent this system to become a “positive feedback loop” so as to losing so much fat that it gets out of control ? ( let’s say, far beyond the 3 or so % that some bodybuilders have ). For instance in people who follow a zero-carb nutrition… After thought : Maybe it’s the gluconeogenesis-mechanism of the body that kicks in when ( almost ) no carbohydrates are ingested ( either by means of glucagon or cortisol ) ? If so, what exactly would eventually determine your minimum body-fat% ?

  • Julio C. Spinelli

    I think that it is a complex multivariate stochastic dynamic system and on top of that completely non-linear. Modeling it would require a better understanding than at least I have of all the parameters involved including their reaction time dynamics. As any stochastic feedback system, there is no set points but only attractors where the system is stable. It likely can jump from one attractor to another one following a myriad of paths, paths, that if they follow a chaotic system rule, would be infinitely dependent of the value of the initial conditions

  • Julio C. Spinelli

    Yes, they hold true but not for a human body, for the simple reason that it is not an adiabatic system. Furthermore you can excrete any amount of energy through urine and feces on top of heat exchange. Therefore, thermodynamics doesn’t force any rule towards fat accumulation in the case of excess calorie ingestion. This is a common misunderstanding by people that are not Biomedical engineers, the only ones formed in both physics, biology, physiology and medicine. We have told this to physicinas many times, but they don’t want to listen because it. Doesn’t fit into their theories. Simple but wrong!

  • Julio C. Spinelli

    You are correct, the calorie stories is only that a convenient story. I am a physicist an engineer, a dr. In BME and a scientist with more than 10,000 references to my work and I place my professional credibility when I say: There is no physical law that determines that there will be fat accumulation if you ingest more calories than you consume!
    For those inclined to understand why, it is very simple, the body is not an adiabatic system! So calories can be lost through heat exchange created by higher heat production by higher metabolic activity, second because calories can be eliminated through either feces or urine or both. Thus, no violation of thermodynamics


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