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This Incredibly Innovative & Cool Men’s Sneaker Is Just $95

Kicks that give back to the world in style.

Sustainability in fashion is fast becoming a global movement and one of the most recognised names in the online sneaker game has just jumped on board. Oliver Cabell is a U.S independent label popular for its architectural style sneakers which exude a clean and designer-focused silhouette in their range. Most importantly, they’re affordable.

Their latest pursuit in footwear takes this to the next level with the Phoenix, a proper 3D printed sneaker which is made from 7 recycled plastic bottles per pair. Saving the planet one bottle at a time is one thing, but being an Oliver Cabell also means that the shoes naturally pair with just about any men’s outfit from denim to shorts to athleisure and even suiting.

So what does $95 buy you in Oliver Cabell’s sneaker world? A choice of black or white, machine washability, antibacterial lining to ensure wearers can rock them without socks and the usual stuff like style, comfort and durability. This balance of style, durability and affordability comes from the fact that the Phoenix is hand finished and lasted in a dedicated factory in Guangzhou, China.

Kicks that look good whilst saving the world? They’re right here and Mother Nature approves.

Shop The Oliver Cabell Phoenix Sneaker $95

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