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Roger Federer’s US Open Kit Could Be His Worst Ever, Thanks To Uniqlo

Maybe it’s time to steal some designers from Nike.

Roger Federer can do no wrong. His 2018 switch from Nike to Uniqlo, however, left many scratching their heads.

While Federer’s people cited Uniqlo’s “flexibility” and “support” as understandable reasons for the twilight-years switch, the decision always seemed a little off for such an otherwise stylish gent.

Case in point: even though Roger appears to have received a hefty bump in salary from the Japanese clothing manufacturer, they are clearly not in the same league as Nike when it comes to design.

For years, Roger has always been the best-dressed man on the court. Fit, colour, style: you name it. The man not only impressed with his game, but with this unbeatable on-court flair. Unfortunately, the days of watching Roger and Rafa go head to head in over the top contrasting fluorescent Nike tennis kits are no more.

We now have sensible Uniqlo approved Roger San.


This year’s US Open has seen old mate Roger step onto the court wearing what can only be described as part tennis pro and part priest. The black and white ensemble features a most unique band collar shirt completed with white piping details.


How can this be? Compared to Roger’s usual pizzazz from the 2015 US Open (or any other open), it was quite a dull affair.

Or perhaps this teal and trademark pink.


For now, we can only hope that the 2020 Grand Slam season doesn’t see our Roger become the salaryman of the men’s tennis circuit.


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  • elie

    Stupid article, there is nothing wrong with the outfit. Looks better than the white nike gear.

  • Chips O’Toole

    Who’s talking about white Nike gear?

  • MikeR53

    Yep. He looked better in Nike.

  • gautaman S

    He meant, trademark pink, I guess.

  • gautaman S

    That’s one bad pic. Let’s wait to judge until marketing promos are released.

  • gautaman S

    The author either hates Uniqlo or is paid by Nike. The author must also remember Federer is getting older by the day. He’s not gonna look as good as one or two yrs ago. Also, that’s the worst pic you can use for comparison. Does the author have the slightest bit of fairness and consideration in his effort to make Uniqlo look shabby? Take good pics of him, then compare.

  • chris

    Given Nike’s bad reputation and questionable ethics I think it was a good move and his kit looks great .

  • HAHA

    Silly article, Federer is actually part of the design process with Uniqlo unlike Nike. So what you really are saying is you don’t like Federer’s style that he choose

  • Andie Ross M

    Exactly my thoughts. Black and white looks better.

  • Kelly Will

    I love this article. That switch was a terrible one – leaving Nike. Uniqlo is so inferior in design and materials and the science of high performance athletic attire. Shockingly inferior and you see it in the kit as he’s wearing it. It doesn’t perform with him. There is a big difference when you’re in the best gear. As an aging athlete (40), my kits get better and better as years pass so I can focus more. And YES, Roger’s ‘19 US Open kit was absolutely hideous. Compare it to Rafa’s stunning purple/black or Novak’s Lacoste. I honestly believe he will regret signing that deal. I think he is very aware of the poor quality of what he’s wearing and it’s not helping his game. In this complete year now with them, the only passably decent kit was ‘19 Wimbledon – thank goodness for the all white rule! And he made it to the finals! But $300M is absurd and heck, I guess I’d sign it too. In Roger’s final years, I’d love to see him in stunning performance tennis gear again. Call me crazy, I don’t mind.


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