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This $69 Coffee Table Book Is Made For Rolex Enthusiasts Who Want A Designer Touch In Their Home

An untold story in luxury timing.

For more than 110 years, Rolex has been making some of the most technically advanced, beautiful and high quality watches known to man. Their illustrious heritage and brilliant watches have a cult following like no other. To some they’re simply a beautiful way to tell the time, to others they’re a status symbol.

For most Rolex fanatics, they’re a series of numbers, characters, serial numbers and variations that make up a unwavering passion for the brand. Whatever your level of dedication to Rolex, it is worth learning the story of the brand itself which is often told amongst all the hype.

Originally named ‘Wilsdorf and Davis’ by one Mr. Hans Wilsdorf and a Mr. Alfred Davis, the watchmaker was founded in 1905 in London and was only renamed ‘Rolex’ in 1908. Till this day the brand has been responsible for some of the most prolific breakthroughs in watch making history, including the first waterproof watch, the first chronometer certified wristwatch, the first ‘self-winding’ (automatic) wrist watch, the first watch to display two timezones (GMT) and the first watch to automatically change the day and date. Really, their innovations are some of the most commonly seen ‘complications’ on watches today, however, without Rolex, these complications might not have ever been available.

These innovations and the models available make up only a small part of Rolex’s history. To tell the story better, Franz-Christoph Heel compiled ‘The Rolex Story’ which details the watchmaker’s ascension to the top. Not only will you be able to flick through it on a sleepy Sunday morning, but it will also be a great conversation starter for anyone that comes around to your bachelor pad.

Most importantly it’s only $69 for a piece of literature art that will make any lounge room or bed room look cooler. Win, win, Rolex.

Shop The Rolex Story Coffee Table Book  $69

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