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This $150 Diver’s Watch Is The Most Affordable Alternative To The Rolex ‘Hulk’

Hype price not included.

The day you’re able to afford your own Rolex is the day you’ve officially made it. Or perhaps it’s just the day your inheritance comes knocking. We don’t judge, you lucky s.o.b. Whatever the reason, attaining a Rolex isn’t within the immediate reach of most people out there, but what if we told you there was a way you could get the Rolex look without the $20,000 Rolex market price?

Say hello to the Seiko 5 Sports SRPB93, an automatic timepiece from the reliable Japanese watchmaker which closely mimics the design cues of the highly sought after Rolex Submariner 116610LV ‘Hulk’ edition.

Seiko’s version features a Japanese-made automatic movement in a 44mm stainless steel case paired to a matching steel band which is good for 100m of water resistance. The dial and bezel are both set in the signature green hue alongside hours, minutes, seconds and date functions. A Hardlex crystal also means the watch is sturdy enough to be worn daily without needing to baby it around. 

For those after the look of the Rolex ‘Hulk’ without the Rolex price tag, this Seiko 5 is your answer.

Shop The Seiko Series 5 Automatic Watch  $205

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  • spritrig

    Seiko is great. Could get legendary green Vostok Amphibia or Neptune Amphibia for less though.

  • eeenok

    yes. there’s an appropriate rolex alternative in a lot of price ranges. the seiko is perfect if you want a $200 watch. the vostoks are serious russian military spec that would probably withstand three times their rated depth for half the price, and outliers in their distinctive russian style. for even less, there are invictas with seiko movements but unreliable water resistance, chinese submariner homages with impressive “GMT hand” complications or “sterile dials” with no branding. and for just over $20 you can get a chinese brand like tevise from gearbest etc … which you can’t actually take in the water, but looks and works unbelievably well for the price. this last one comes in a bunch of colors, and i’m currently wearing a brilliant green one and loving it … which i wouldn’t be doing if i had to pay even $100 every time i wondered whether i’d enjoy a big chunky diving watch in a silly color. bottom line, all these watches actually look great if you’re just trying to amuse yourself or test whether you enjoy a style, rather than impressing the chicks with a rolex logo


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