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This $260 Suede Loafer Will Turn Any Look Into A Timeless Summer Classic

Sunset kick-ons are on us.

We’ve all heard of swish leather loafers for suits but when it comes to sharpening up your summer look, men have few options to choose from other than white sneakers or flip-flops. Not anymore. The beige yacht loafer in suede is one of the most stylish and often underrated footwear options for men.

Given their limited exposure, most men wouldn’t realised its versatility. Suede yacht loafers like this fine beige example from Aurelien can pair with anything from chinos to fitted jeans to shorts to make for a truly timeless summer look.

And just because they’re called ‘yacht loafers’, it doesn’t mean you need to own a yacht to own a pair. Whilst their rubber soles are dedicated for this very reason, the modern yacht loafer can be used to dress up the most casual of summer outfits. All it’ll take is a button up shirt, a polo or nicely fitted tee alongside your favourite bottoms and you’ve got a winning look worthy of yacht party status. 

This particular pair from Aurelien features ivory rubber soles with a non-slip pattern – a nod to their heritage as sailing shoes. The almond-shaped toes also make this pair smarter than your average slip-on so you can easily dress it up or down with a quality belt. The coolest thing about the beige suede yacht loafer from Aurelien?

It’s as comfortable as it is sharp as it’s made of a soft calf suede upper with a leather interior all put together via hand stitching in Italy. Here’s proof that made in Italy and looking your summer finest doesn’t need to break the bank. 

Shop The Aurelien Suede Yacht Loafers  $263

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