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Robert Downey Jr. Shows You The Devastating Effects Of Having No Tailor

Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so well…

Ah Mr. Stark, we love the guy and retirement must be grand but for many years we’ve secretly pined for the day a tailor or stylist would help him out with his wardrobe. That day is not today.

Arriving at the Disney Legends awards during the D23 Expo in California over the weekend, Robert Downey Jr. rocked one of the loosest fitting suits we’ve seen on him yet.

We’re not sure if this big fit style is intentional but one can only imagine how much sharper the billionaire-playboy-philanthropist would look in a properly tailored suit. But we digress.

Downey Jr. opted for a very loose fitting possibly off-the-rack grey check suit which featured embroidered calligraphy all over the jacket from the lapel to the sleeves. It’s the first time we’ve seen this on a suit and we’ve seen quite a few unique suits in our time (Conor McGregor’s ‘f*ck you’ suit included). Nonetheless if there was any time to wear this very casual and colourful ensemble, it’d be to the Disney awards.



A closer look at the suit shows Downey Jr. ditching the tie and dress shirt in favour of a pastel floral print t-shirt complete with matching multi-colour pocket square. Draw your eyes to his feet and it’s just a mangled mess of fabric which flows onto chunky white sneakers. It’s the ultimate in dad-core style but we’re just glad the shoes were clean.

Take note gentlemen, this is what happens when you let your jacket and pants length go wild. Now, anyone have a tool that will allow us to click our fingers and make this daggy look go away?

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  • Joshua Smith

    Yeah perhaps you don’t like his wardrobe selection… he probably doesn’t care too much what you think. But it’s amazing you can be so vapid and superficial, but I guess the most incredulous part is you actually think other people agree with your pettiness. Sad.

  • Phyllis Hall

    The man goes for comfort over style…and I support it 3000.

  • SmilingChaos

    I think the most incredulous part is you actually beleiving the writer would be reading the comments on the discussion boards.

  • Joshua Smith

    You are easily astonished then, my friend. If he does read them, which is actually probably likely, then my point is made. If he doesn’t, my opinion is shared with anybody that does read the comment section. New to the internet?

  • Amanda Brighouse

    Like RDJ doesn’t rock almost everything he wears better than most people even when they are wearing tailored outfits and he is wearing a skirt. His shoes are always enviable. Just because he doesn’t try to be on trend for style doesn’t mean he doesn’t look great. Baggy suit looks fine. The shirt was the only thing I think could have been improved but that’s RDJ for you.

    He wore a nighty when he visited Rami Malek. He can wear anything he wants.

  • Graeme Gunn

    Stop making fun of people. Your article can still get views if you’re being positive. You don’t need to hang someone because of the suit they want to wear. Idiot.

  • Larrie Cam

    He’s rocking the latest fashion revival trend: retro ’80s

    You guys in Australia don’t get it, do you?

  • SmilingChaos

    lol. I was going to ask you the same, since only people with very little social media experience address comments to the writer as if they are having a conversation. Also: “You are easily astonished then” Where did this come from? Incredulous and astonished are not interchangeable words. New to the English language?

  • Joshua Smith

    Awww I’m sorry I triggered you. Since I was on social media when you were still trying to figure out how to wipe your own ass, I think I can do whatever I want in regards to “social media norms”. Also when “incredulous” is used in hyperbole, it’s meaning in context refers more to astonishment that something unbelievable happened. I’m sure the irony is lost on you that you are attempting to belittle someone when you can’t even grasp the basics of linguistics for the English language. ‘lol.’


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