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The $60 Shorts So Comfortable You’ll Think You’re Still In Bed

Like you never left bed.

What’s the comfiest place on earth? I’d say that there is a large majority of you who answered that question with ‘my bed’ – and rightfully so. What if I told you, you could wear your bed around? And no I don’t mean walking downstairs with your blanket as a cape, I mean actually put your bed on and head outside. You’re probably laughing at that and thinking about how bizarre, yet how comfortable it would be. I can now confirm, that it is possible.

The guys over at Adam Mar have taken this bizarre dream and made it a reality with their ‘Bedsheet Shorts’. To make this possible, they constructed the shorts from lightweight, breathable cotton that won’t stick to your body much like your bedsheets. The use of an elasticated waistband and drawstring to keep them secure on any escapade and their relaxed fit solidifies there position as the most comfortable shorts you could ever own.

In all seriousness though, this combination materials, construction, and style makes these shorts seriously comfortable and the perfect short for wearing out on a Sunday morning or simply around the house. Available on Huckberry, you can score the world’s comfiest shorts for $59, a bargain considering they’re made in the USA.

Shop Adam Mar Shorts  $59

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