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Ben Simmons’ Latest Workout Exposes A Gym-Sin Every Guy Commits


We’d all like Ben Simmons’ glistening triceps. Reality, however, tends to be a lot more soft and jiggly – which is why so many guys were enamoured by Ben Simmons’ insane January workout routine, which promised explosive strength, ankle-breaking agility and eye-stopping arms.

So far so ‘fitness in 2019.’

However, his most recent workout routine, which he posted to Instagram on Saturday, reveals Simmons may not be the fitness icon we should all strive to be. In fact, if you follow the philosophy of Mr David Goggans or Arnie Schwarzenegger (“you train, or you don’t”), then Ben Simmons is promoting a sacrilegious gym-sin in his most recent post.


Using your phone between sets.


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A number of Simmons’ 4.5 million followers picked up on this, with comments like, “Get off the phone bro. Got work to do” and “Do you even lift” rolling in.

Commenters also picked up on the fancy looking dumbells which – if you are interested – are made by a company called Power Block (and are mega expensive).

In any case, Simmons explained his gym-sin by saying, “Man I had to switch the playlist,” (which 294 people liked), in response to the call-out comment, “Get off the phone bro,” (which received 89 likes).

This appears to indicate that phone use has now become so prolific that most guys are – if not engaging in it – at least understanding of it.

The final verdict? The ball’s in Simmons’ court. If he achieves his goal of being the best in the league this coming season, we’d say that’s a pretty strong case for permitting yourself a cheeky song change between sets.

Until then, we’d say zeroing in on the suffering is more likely to bring you the supersized results you crave.


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