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Score Citizen’s Most Iconic Dive Watch Right Now For $139

Function over form.

When it comes to dive watches, there aren’t many brands that do them better than Citizen. After all: to meet the requirements of a great dive watch is no easy feat. They need to be water-resistant to at least 200m, be able to fit on your wrist and over a wetsuit and they need to be able to time your dive (and be legible doing it).

It isn’t easy to perfectly combine all of these features (and to do it at an affordable price point is even harder), yet somehow, Citizen has managed to do it for well over 60 years. They introduced the world’s first ‘domestic’ dive watch back in 1959 called the ‘Parawater’ and have been evolving it ever since.

Many of Citizen’s watches have become iconic in their own right, but none more so than their Promaster series. Featuring a 200m water resistance and an Eco-Drive movement has made them a favourite in the diving community, especially considering their very reasonable circa $350 price point. This relative notoriety has also made them popular with civilians who want a tough, water-resistant watch that can handle any conditions.

Whilst you might be led to believe this is a case of function over form, the Promaster and its chunky styling, rubber strap and luminescent dial looks ultra-cool in, and out of the water. For a limited time, you can score the ‘Promaster Professional Diver’ for $139 (60% off its retail price).

Such a capable watch won’t last long at this price point, so be quick!

Shop Citizen Promaster Professional Diver $139

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  • Alexander Lagos

    Haha, what? You can get this watch for 130 bucks on Amazon right now.

  • EUGENIO L. Labadan

    Still expensive! Seiko’s SKX007 & SKX013 are still the winners!

  • Crandall Miller

    I have all three of them and the promaster is a more complete watch. Brings more to the cant even handwind these seikos. Overated

  • Jeremy Deering

    Nice watch, but can’t get past the mineral crystal.

  • Pesobill

    Nice watches but the bands disintegrate quickly and they cost $50 to replace !! Done with Citizen..

  • Mark K Id Flores

    Except you couldn’t get a 007 and 013 for no $139 there, guy.

  • Mark K Id Flores

    I wouldn’t say all that, but the Promasters def represent a good value…even their “cheap” autos give the ol 7s26 a run for it’s money. I think we love the SKX for the iconic style and let’s face it the movements are bulletproof

  • Mark K Id Flores

    Lol nice, D’Marge be tryna get that $9 commission

  • Mark K Id Flores

    Lotta aftermarket bands out there. And let’s face it, if you’re a true WIS, you’ll end up shopping for alternate bands to change into before u even receive the watch, unless you have them already.

  • Mark K Id Flores

    It’s $139. You can send to COA and have them replace it with Sapphire if you wanna pay the cost. I did this with my Skyhawk and it was a 2-3 week turnaround. I’ve had great luck with COA.


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