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The Winter Suit To Buy When You Want To Tell Winter To Bugger Off

Unstoppable, no matter how cold.

Sometimes even when you’re suited and booted from head to toe you can find yourself getting a bit chilly. Typically it’s down to the material that dictates how hot or cold you feel in your suit and even the thickest and warmest of woollen suits get caught out during winters worst. This blue corduroy suit from Todd Snyder will keep your no matter how cold it gets.

Corduroy is constructed from pile-yarn which is woven together to create a very thick fabric. This thickness in combination with a velvety texture makes any clothing made from corduroy not only very warm but also extremely comfortable, making it the ultimate winter fabric. The corduroy used in this suit from Todd Snyder isn’t just any old corduroy it’s made from an Italian stretch corduroy, which will move and age better than any other cord available. The suit itself is constructed in the USA meaning it will outlast most suits you can find in your wardrobe.

Typically the colours reserved for winter are black, charcoal and navy so aside from the fabric, this suit will stand out for its bright blue colour. If you’re unsure about these two standout qualities you should know before Todd Snyder started his own label, he worked for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs and The Gap so he knows a thing or two about making quality, stylish clothing. 

There you have it, the perfect winter suit not only will you be supremely warm and comfortable, but you’ll stand out for all the right reasons.

Shop The Wildest Suit Of Winter  $1,046

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