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Leaked Photos Reveal Physical Demand Of Bond May Finally Be Taking Its Toll On Daniel Craig

Tomorrow always comes.

Aloof. Independent. Unstoppable. In years gone by, these adjectives would have described Daniel Craig as fittingly as they did “James Bond.”

However, a set of leaked new photos from the set of No Time To Die suggest the franchise may be coming to the end of an era for a different reason to what we’ve been told.

How? Well, although Daniel Craig has told reporters, “I would rather slash my wrists than play James Bond again” (and criticised the 21st-century iteration of Bond for not being progressive enough), it turns out there may be a simpler reason behind his decision to make No Time To Die his curtain call.

He’s getting old.

Before you send us a dancing GIF of a stuntman, we don’t mean the $130 million dollar man (Daniel Craig) is not able to walk around and drink cocktails anymore (after all, Roger Moore did that until he was 58).


We mean that, in this day and age, considering how close CGI is now able to make stuntmen look like their supposed doubles (and how the franchise has become more about action than sophistication), it’s just not realistic to have us believe the 51-year-old Craig is still able to take out WWE wrestlers (see: Batista).


Indeed, one of this latest series of photos depicts Daniel Craig struggling to defeat an overweight man in what appears to be a cotton sweatshirt from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air…


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Another shows him taking a heavy fall, landing spread-eagled, sucking in some big ones (while hunched over a low wall) then looking forlornly at his directors – as if begging them not to ask him to do it again. Finally, he calls time out and takes a little lie down on the ground. Brutal scenes from the toughest Bond, ever.

This feeds into a broader narrative around how A-listers plan their twilight years. While we don’t doubt Mr Craig will put on a killer performance in No Time To Die, just how long will he be able to take hits like a heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and walk away from filming in one piece?


April 3, 2020, can’t come soon enough for Craig’s final appearance as James Bond 007.

We’re just a little bit excited.

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  • Dillinger23

    What a pretty, childish, and bitter piece of non-journalism.

  • CarlosBNE

    Agree. Fight scenes these days are made to look real, with real consequences. James Bond is not a superhuman comic book hero.

  • PeterBrown77

    It’s Timothy Dalton, not Rick

  • Nostromo

    I love all the Bond actors, equally. Trying to decide on just one’s like trying to publicly proclaim one’s favorite child. My parents took me with them to see all of Sean Connery’s Bond features and some of my younger brothers were along for the ride for the later films.

    Daniel Craig’s as good as they come as it pertains to Bond. I like his Dream House movie from eight years back. What really made me enthusiastic for Mr. Craig as James Bond was in the way he had the character regard Dame Judi’s “M” with a reverent affection. For those who have been waiting for my call on my favorite James Bond film that would be 1987’s The Living Daylights for how it evokes the late-’80s. The song, “If There Was a Man” by The Pretenders playing over that film’s end credits really captures the ’80s ethos for me.

  • Replicant Jason Booth

    I don’t think age is the issue, Craig is just done with the franchise and it’s tight artistic constraints.

  • Kurt veer

    you jealous little prick

  • Sweet Tea

    Was this meant to be sound journalism?

  • Stephen Dedalus

    “itโ€™s just not realistic to have us believe the 51-year-old Craig is still able to take out WWE wrestlers (see: Batista).”

    Yes, and if you saw the film, you would have seen that Bond lost that fight. Rather badly, too.

  • Earth&Sun

    What’s this? At least try..

  • Lee1001

    Roger Moore was 57 when he made his last Bond movie A View to a Kill

  • Guy Montag

    He’s not taking a rest you moron. Its a fight scene. People get knocked down.

  • Ricky Loves You

    Well….thanks. time wasted. Utter garbage.

  • Tddo

    It’s gonna look even more realistic when a 115 pound woman does it.

  • Stuart Benjamin

    What is this garbage DMarge?

  • Robert

    Roger Moore was a candyass!

  • James

    He’s still smart, I’ll give him that.

  • James

    Once Upon A Time In Hollywood?

  • James

    Good point.

  • James

    Guilty as charged.

  • James


  • Ray Louie

    Opinion editorial garbage click bait made to look like an article. Worthless site.

  • Nicholas Wilson

    Slow news day or slow journalist?

  • Dillinger23

    thank you, you’re correct. Also, an example of petty correction. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Dillinger23

    the internet


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