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These $79 Men’s Jeans Will Change The Way You Think About Expensive Denim

Feels good on your skin and the environment.

As we are sure you already know, there is denim and then there is denim. One will crap out after six months, the other will still be going strong in six years. As much as we’d all love to own the best of the best of everything, sometimes things are just too expensive to justify like a $350 pair of jeans.

So how can one get high-quality jeans for a fraction of the price you ask? Well, this pair from Frank and Oak will fit your criteria nicely.

Made from a responsibly sourced denim that uses 79% less energy, 50% fewer chemicals and 95% less water than normal denim, Frank and Oak get more out of the denim than they put in. Combined with a modern, slim fit the end result is a pair of jeans that are less harmful to the environment, long-lasting and great looking. All of this can be yours for a very reasonable $89, a worthy investment no doubt.

Shop Frank & Oak Jeans  $79

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