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The $98 ‘Dad Sneakers’ Everyone’s Talking About Just Got Better

Unique sneakers that won’t hurt the environment or your hip pocket.

One of our favourite fast and ethical fashion brands, Everlane, released their first collection of sneakers earlier this year. The sneakers were unique in style but also good for the environment. The first release was a collection of solid colours, however, the brand has now added some luxe-looking variety into the emerging range. The Avenue collection now offers four new colourways in green, silver, blue and white.

What’s so good about Everlane’s ‘Tread’ sneakers? These kicks have been designed to be worn every day—and unlike most other sneakers, they’re actually made to last. That means it’s lower impact on the environment, less waste, less energy, and 54% less virgin plastic.

What the customer reviews say…

Understated but sleek styling. Comfortable out of the box. Quality craftsmanship. Can wear them everyday, but also dress them up. Dig my new kicks.

Everlane has also offset the emissions that making these sneakers can’t eliminate. So it’s good news for fashion, the environment and your feet.

Get them on your feet today. 

Shop The New Tread Collection $98

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