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This $230 Lounge Speaker Will Change Your Home Audio Experience Forever

More than audio.

There are thousands of speakers out there that are supposedly the best, but this one stands far above its competition.

If there is one thing that everyone in the world loves, it is music. Even though everyone has vastly different tastes in music, we’ve all got to listen to it somehow and when it comes to what’s the best way to listen to it, there are just as many answers as there are tastes when there really shouldn’t be.

When you’re at home, the one way you really should be listening to music is via a quality speaker. This said ‘speaker’ needs to perfectly combine several key features to make it the perfect listening medium. It needs to be able to have Bluetooth, it needs to have enough bass to handle a ‘dirty drop’, yet sharp enough to enjoy the voice of a great singer, it needs to be loud enough to entertain a party without losing its clarity and it needs to be affordable. 

The Geneva Acustica Lounge speaker does it all. To handle your bass heavy songs it has a 4″ subwoofer and a 3/4″ tweeter for when you’re listening to something a little more relaxed. It has been said there is no other speaker that provides such high-quality sound across all volumes or deeper bass than the Acustica Lounge, a testament to the quality of this Swiss handcrafted audio masterpiece. The Acustica Lounge isn’t just all go, its a looker too. Constructed from a combination of high-quality leather and aluminium, this speaker is also a visual masterpiece and is available in black, white and red it will look great in any home or office. 

For a mere $230, the Geneva Acustica Lounge is a sensory delight that will not only amplify your listening experience but will also make any space look modern and sophisticated. There really isn’t any reason to buy any other speaker. The speakers are available at with a variety of colours and sizes available. 

Shop Geneva Acustica Lounge  $230

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