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This $120 Japanese Chef’s Knife Will Change How You Cook Forever

A cut above the rest.

Ready to relinquish the blunt knave that came with your apartment? Pick up one of these Japanese chef’s knives and not only will meal prep become a breeze; you’ll feel like a Samurai Warrior.

This is thanks to Massdrop and Apogee who have collaborated to bring you a kitchen all-rounder that will gut a snow pea as well as it will scale a fish using a hybrid design which features a usuba (designed for cutting vegetables) and the yanagi ba (designed for slicing raw fish).

The result? A gleaming 10-inch blade with plenty of belly for slicing and a reverse tanto tip nimble enough to maneuver with precision (watch out, snowpeas). Constructed from three pieces of grippy and heat-resistant G-10, the handle is comfier on your hand than an ergonomic business class seat is on your ass, and prettier to boot (it’s fastened with a decorative mosaic pin made from glass, copper, and brass).

While this bad boy is not for beginners, as long as you aren’t a complete kitchen rookie, this knife will take your chopping skills to the next level (and motivate you to finally learn that proper chef’s pinch grip). Even better? If your Japanese chef’s knife ever goes dull, Apogee will sharpen it at no charge. Oh, and to sweeten the deal, you ought to know that knives like these usually cost about $300.

Shop Drop Japanese Chef’s Knife $120

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