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Rami Malek Breaks The Oldest (& Stupidest) Style Rule In The Book


When Oscar-winner (and Bond villain to be) Rami Malek stepped out with his partner, Lucy Boynton, in Venice, Italy overnight for the 76th Venice Film Festival, they knew the whole world would be watching.

Ever cool, Rami kept things casual in an effort to beat the Italian heat, on a steamy first day of autumn – so far so Malek.

Come come, Mr Bond…

However, deciding that the age-old saying, ‘blue & green should never be seen’ was a thing of the past, Rami chose to pair a khaki green short-sleeve shirt with royal blue chinos and black monk strap dress shoes.

This would have been a sartorially-fatal mistake, were it not for the rest of the saying: ‘without a colour between’. Rami did just that; adding a black leather belt to bend the hell of out of this outdated rule.

Considering this was a MiuMiu event, we assume ‘The Rami’ was head to toe in Prada (if you’re looking for a more affordable solution to this smart-casual ensemble, we would recommend this shirt and these chinos).


Socks required, even in this heat.

In any case, your villain du jour appears to have gotten away with it this time – which leaves just one question: can those emulating his look do so without offending the world-at-large’s eyeballs?

Only time (and belt sales) will tell.

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  • Grace mackie

    Rami gets it right every time , whether he has a stylist or not , he’d only wear something he felt good in , He looks amazing and I’d love to see my man dressed in that .

  • Jess

    Rami looks great. The girl he’s with looks hideous. Like she’s wearing some white curtains from the 80s stained yellow from age. She looks like a grandmother.

  • Mercyneal

    The female friend- who is NOT his girlfriend- has the most god-awful sense of “style” *cough- I’ve ever seen

  • James Madison

    No one gives a shit what these Nazicrat fascists are wearing.

  • Ben Goodbrand

    The bigger offense was doing up his top button.


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