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The $199 Rolex ‘Batman’ GMT Alternative That’s Too Good To Pass Up

Earlier this year, Rolex released an updated ‘Batman’ GMT-Master II with a jubilee bracelet. The watch was so popular they had 3 years of backorders almost immediately. Whilst this is great for Rolex and those waiting in line, it’s not feasible for the rest of us. Sometimes you need an affordable and reliable timepiece that still has a touch of class about it.

Introducing the Timex Allied Three GMT 43mm Bracelet Watch

This no brainer $199 watch is inspired by the iconic Rolex Batman GMT, but comes at a fraction of the cost. It may not have that jubilee bracelet, but it does feature 24 timezones, Timex’s proprietary movement design, a stainless steel case, water resistance to 100m, date window and an INDIGLO® Light-Up dial.

What the customer reviews say:

One of the best-looking timepieces Timex has ever released. Build quality is equal to, or surpassing watches much more expensive. Fit and finish is excellent. Timeless, classic, sophisticated, and elegant. A must-have for Timex collectors.

The Timex Allied Three GMT can also be fitted with alternative straps like rubber and nato if you want to pimp your ride. 

Shop The Timex Allied Three GMT  $199

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  • Greg Maxim

    You are trying to compare a timex to a Rolex. You shouldn’t even exist as a watch enthusiast website. There is no comparison. No one looking at a Rolex that can afford it is gonna go yea I’ll just get the timex, no one. So you wannabe watch people can take your cheap bullshit some place else.

  • Xanadu

    I bet you don’t talk like that in real life little boy. You know that if you did you would get a punch in the mouth.

  • Elvin Velez

    If you are going to take the time and add comment, do so with substance on why you think the Timex does not compare to the Rolex. Don’t state that people with money won’t buy a Timex, I have plenty of money and own Oris, Rado, Omega, and a few other Swiss made watches. I also have Timex, Seiko, and other Japanese watches. However, do not own a Rolex because of the diminish of returns. Rolex does not justify, at least in my opinion the premium it charge. Oris makes exquisite watches, with same and even higher quality when compared to Rolex, and do so at much better prices. You don’t like the article, well just keep it moving.

  • Christian


  • Ruben

    Typical watch snob. Thinks Rolex is the only good watch brand out there. Grow up and maybe read a book or 2 and educate yourself.

  • Joseph Lam

    Agree with what you say. Appreciation of a timepiece is not determined by it’s price. Timex has it’s place in watch just as Rolex!

  • Reuben Nightingale

    Rolex watches not only keep their value but they appreciate over time. Some Rolex watches command two and three times the value in the secondary market. Not many other brands can boast that.

  • Greg Maxim

    I’ve read many books. You call me a snob simply because you can’t afford a Rolex is that why? I don’t think Rolex makes the best watches. They make some of the best watches. Other watch companies produce quality as well. Timex is not one of them. Japanese automatic movements buzz sweep, swiss do not they glide. Hamilton is one of my favorites but i know nothing about watches. Bell & Ross and ball are as well. Watches are like anything else you get what you pay for. Watch collecting is a lifestyle not a hobby.

  • Greg Maxim

    Rolex charges premium prices because they make their own movements where as other swiss manufacturers third party theirs with eta, valljoux 7750 and etc. Rolex also patents every single piece down the the springs. All I’m saying is timex and Rolex will never be in the same display case. And you more then likely had the Seiko and Timex before you made your money.


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