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The $128 Men’s Grey Sweatshirt With A Twist That Can’t Be Passed Up

You probably don’t think about your favourite grey sweater as stylish, but this simple twist by a collaboration between Todd Snyder and Champion has taken the humble grey sweater to new heights.

Sweatshirts originated in New York and were originally designed as thicker jumpers that could keep factory workers warm in the famously harsh North American winters. To date, they’ve become so much more than simple workwear and strangely have been symbols of both exercise and laziness. The reality is that no matter what you’ve got planned for them, a quality sweatshirt will keep you warm in the utmost of comfort.

Traditionally sweatshirts have been rather plain and boring with logos or patches added here and there, nothing all that significant, until now that is. The child of a collaboration between Todd Snyder and Champion, this sweatshirt is about as cool as they come. The shape and style is typical of a sweatshirt, but the addition of stripes on the arms adds a unique, bold touch that looks excellent and will stand out, even if it is just a sweatshirt.

As with all Todd Sndyer x Champion releases, it’s made in Canada from quality materials to ensure it can be your favourite jumper now and for years to come.

Buy It Now @ Todd Snyder $128

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