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Improve Your Style With The $188 Camo Trousers That Keep The Cold Out All Year Round

Comfy, warm and stylish.

A quality pair of comfy trousers isn’t probably on the top of your ‘to buy’ list, but they really should be. Gone are the days where it was acceptable to wear some ripped and stained grey tracksuit pants out, these days you need a pair of tracksuit pants that are not only warm and comfortable but are also stylish. Lucky for you, Relwen offers ‘Stretch Windpants’ which will not only keep you toasty warm and supremely comfortable, but they look fantastic as well.

To ensure the warmth stays in and the cold stays out, the Stretch Windpants are made of a combination of fabrics that together, make for the ultimate tracksuit pant. The shell of the pants is made from a breathable, water-resistant, stretch nylon fabric and to ensure you are always supremely comfortable, they have lined the pants with comfortable, lightweight jersey fabric, similar to the inside of sweatpants. To further improve the pants wearability, they also feature ankle cuffs, pockets, and an elastic, drawstring adjustable waistband.

The pants are available in olive, black or our favourite, faded camo. No matter what your colour preference, they will good great, especially paired with the versatile athletic fit. All of these features, in combination with Relwen’s infamously good build quality, make these the ultimate pants for heading to the gym, a long haul flight or a Sunday morning breakfast. They’re priced at $188, which considering their versatility, quality and comfort make them rather reasonable. What’s not to love?

Shop Relwen Stretch Windpant  $188

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