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This ‘Affordable’ Men’s Leather Jacket Is A Must-Have Winter Staple

Sustainably cool.

Men really only have two choices when it comes to leather jackets. The ‘classic’ bomber made famous by the likes of James Dean, or the more aviation-style jacket worn by pilots throughout each of the World Wars. Each has its own use and can be worn six ways from Sunday, however, if you want something warm and versatile then we recommend a classic leather bomber like this one.

Fast-fashion and eco-friendly web retailer Everlane have just dropped their latest men’s leather jacket just in time for Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The jacket is lambskin that balances comfort and durability. In true Everlane style, the leather has been sourced from New Zealand, so it’s fully traceable – from the farm to the tannery to the factory. The jacket features a small collar, zip front, elastic cotton cuffs and large patch pockets on the front as per the original classic flight jacket design. Pair it with jeans and a knit for a no-fuss combo.

The Everlane men’s leather bomber comes in black only and is very reasonably priced at $448. Everlane claims this jacket would cost close to $1,000 from other retailers, but thanks to their transparent pricing, you pay a lot less. It’s a win for you and for sustainable fashion. 

Shop Everlane Leather Jacket $448

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