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World’s Fittest Man Reveals Weight-Lifting Technique That Could Get You Huge

Slow and steady does not always win the race…

Whether you have specific fitness goals or whether you are training to be better at a certain sport, most of us would be lying if we said we went to the gym just to ‘stay healthy.’ And there’s nothing to be ashamed of about wanting to get ripped. Unfortunately, however, there’s also nothing more frustrating than hitting a gym-plateau.

Instead of waiting for the newbies to catch up though (or for those dark-web protein powders to arrive), there is a way to increase your gains via entirely natural means: force development.

Enter: Ross Edgely, colloquially known as The World’s Fittest Man (after writing The World’s Fittest Book), one of the best-educated personal trainers in the business, and one of the only people to complete endurance tasks like swimming around Great Britain or climbing a rope the length of Everest with the physique you would expect from an Olympic Weightlifter, rather than that of a whippet-like long-distance athlete.



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Ross recently took to Instagram to discuss force development (or rather, the lack of it), a phenomenon which is holding many amateur weight-lifters back from reaching their full potential. As Ross explains, “Rate of force development… is [essentially] the speed at which muscles can produce force.”

“The faster the rate of force development [ROFD] the quicker and more explosive the movement.”

To illustrate, Ross says, “Take strength training as an example (your muscles ability to generate force combined with coordinated neuromuscular activation). If you’ve plateaued on your deadlift no amount of grit and determination may help, instead you must intelligently condition the body to become stronger.”

Enter: ROFD.

“On this note, one of the most important aspects to a deadlift is something called your “rate of force development” (ROFD). This is possibly one of the most under-appreciated areas of applied science when it comes to strength training.”


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“Let’s consider… two athletes performing a 200kg deadlift,” Ross continues. “Now both Athlete A and Athlete B are capable of producing 200kg of force, but lifter A has a significantly faster rate of force development. What this means is it may take Athlete A just two seconds to produce the required force to get the bar moving and off the floor and four second to lock it out at the top of the lift.”

“However Athlete B might have a slower rate of force development which means they take four seconds to get the bar moving and another four to lock it out… What this means is Athlete B takes longer to complete the lift and might therefore fatigue before fully locking out.”

The summary? To build a stronger deadlift (for example, but this can be applied across many other exercises), focus on the speed of the movement, not just the strength. According to Ross, “This will improve your ROFD and in turn you’ll start adding kg’s onto your personal best.”


That’s not to say you should sacrifice form; just that if you are stuck on a plateau, before you pile more weights on, maybe spend some time lifting what you can lift that little bit faster.

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  • Lee M Attinger

    No way. You mean to tell me bar speed plays a role in physics??? Thanks Isaac Newton.

  • whereismycoffee

    Speed x force == Power. Physics.

  • Dave Sulliman

    Is there any fitness athlete not on the gear? It has reached a point with me where even if the individual is the legit smartest person in the room, I’m just not listening. Instagram is now a cess pool of fitness types just like this selling their programs.

  • James

    Would you think to practice lifting faster to try and break a plateau? Or just move to a heavier weight straight away? Idk about you but I know a lot of guys who just keep trying to add weight.

  • James

    He claims it’s down to cardio: I can’t say for sure but it’s an interesting theory.

  • Nosferatu

    He swam around great Britain ? And claimed to have climbed a rope the length of Mount Everest. Really? Well I’m 58 and I’m gonna claim I’ve walk the distance to the moon! So poopy on this article.

  • James
  • Zeeshan Parvez

    This is old. Just search CAT and Dr. Squat.

  • Lee Ralph

    Seems that way, dont see any nattys in articles like this or on youtube.

    They tell you what exercises to do and how to do it, which is all good and fine..

    They dont tell you how much test theyve pumped inyo their ass

  • Ovais Mirza

    Seriously ???? And my trainer says we should slow it down while lifting heavy weights to gain size and it works. Its difficult to do slow reps as compared to fast.

  • snake42591 .

    Two different things. Slowing down allows more hypertrophy which is the easiest way to get bigger before you hit your genetic plateau. I believe this is more so about getting stronger. Which then should help you get bigger. I think for most hypertrophy is better.

  • 4g63mark

    The world’s fittest man is Mat Fraser, and Rich Froning before that.

  • Catsmasher Jones

    So thus guy is giving advice on how to work out to look just like him. Don’t kid yourselves. He leaves out the part about steroids and whatever else he is using.

  • Christopher Saunders

    Mat Fraser is the world’s fittest man.

  • Christopher Saunders

    The actual world’s fittest man, Mat Fraser

  • Andre Barnaby

    Matt Fraser and Rich Froning are the world’s fittest…If you’re a Cross Fitter and believe winning the Cross Fit games gives you the right to such a title..

  • TimeTravelmachine.

    As a fat nerd who loves junk food i workout and got a full body similar to this guy in about 6 weeks secret I put in work I figured out my body type and what muscles I was weakest at I worked out every night at 12.00 at night till 3.00am I only ate oats. Breakfast lunch dinner and i lost weight and saw results I worked out hard 100 push up 100 different types of push up different forms working out different muscles groups the work i put in come out slowly but then i got board and went back to pizza and gameing his the real truth work hard do it everyday Fuck rest day honestly there important but if you have 0 it will be fine just keep doing it everyday good luck

  • MarcBöd


  • MarcBöd

    He claims to be natty??? XD
    Should have been a comedian

  • Alexandre de Albuquerque

    Wait. So you were fat guy who loved junk food. And in 6WEEKS you got a body like that dude from the article by eating nothing but Oats and working out. Ok… Nice fiction…

  • Alex Kempsell

    Saw this guy in my local gym a few months back. Yep, he’s on the gear alright. And his posture is awful.

  • Reeking Havoc

    It always amuses me when “industry” types declare what it means to be fit, and in this instance that person X is the fittest man alive. Fitness is about so much more than muscular strength and size … and appearance.

    Supposedly this guy swam around England. Impressive, but I’ll believe it when I see it. For drifting along in the deadmans float with an occasional arm stroke and kick isn’t exactly “swimming”. I don’t know that to be the case, which is why I say I’ll believe it when I see it. I can say though that he certainly does not appear to be a swimmer. I’d like to know his times in the 200 Breast and 400 Free among other swimming events. Can he, with his bulk and focus on power even perform a 25 Fly??? I seriously doubt it

    Also, what is his mile run time? Can he run a 10k in even 90 minutes? You see, MANY people claim fitness superiority or some degree of it, or at least hint at it, based on simple participation in activities beyond lifting. Doesn’t necessarily make it so.

    Can this guy hit a 90mph baseball? Can he shoot 80+% from the free throw line? Can he silently and covertly carry a 80+ lb pack on patrol in treacherous terrain over 5 clicks? Can he complete a spinner class, keeping up with the rest?

    If you are going to claim such a lofty title, you have to be able to check ALL such boxes, and then some. Otherwise, you are merely an egotistical clown desperate for attention. Which is this guy? IDK.

  • Heisenberg

    The world’s fittest man is Donald Trump. Guy is YUUUGE!

  • Jonathan Rodriguez

    Most of them probably are on steroids. One still needs to work out hard and have a clean diet to achieve results. I don’t condone or condemn but I do think if done in moderation it can be beneficial. The problem is that most don’t use moderation, they get addicted to the results and use more and more.
    I’ve read some articles pertaining to this and if someone were educated about gear, how much, how long, which ones (avoiding orals which are harder on organs), along with a great exercise regimen and diet, take period of time off between, it can have some benefits.

  • B.J. Neyer

    Rate Of Force? Really? That’s called jerking the weight. In competition, you have no choice but to move rapidly as possible, whether you’re lifting or competing in a sport.

    To jerk a weight in practice is to ask for injury. when you jerk a weight you can double or triple its effective weight. While that sounds like, Ooo I’m lifting more weight, you are actually stressing your body beyond its capabilities.

    Witness my second surgery this year on the same rotator cuff because I was moving too heavy a weight too quickly.

  • Ivica Šetač

    Rich Froning is the fittest.

  • Jason B

    It’s real, it’s in the record books and he was recorded while doing it, dumbass.

  • Andy Twentyman

    Uh, no. This article isn’t very good at describing it, but the idea is to lift explosively, with good form

  • Andy Twentyman

    I know. He was taking about this stuff in the 80’s and most people still don’t understand it

  • Taylor Williams


  • Brendan M. Wood

    Why is that? Because Cross fit said so? Fuck outta here

  • Christopher Saunders

    Yeah. Your guy is welcome to compete.

  • Frizzkills

    Juiced to the GILLS

  • Winwithoutaknife

    A simple way to decipher this is: don’t just train the same sets/reps/weight of your big compounds week in, week out. Train individual components. Utilize explosive movements like the kbell swing (keyword here is PROPERLY) and by training explosiveness, voila, your bar will move faster. You’ll fatigue less quickly. And so, theoretically, you’ll have an opportunity to gain more time under resistance and overall repetition to help muscle gains. Then, if you’re this bozo, shove a needle in your ass and Bob’s your uncle

  • Omar Smith

    It would be more respectful if these guys would be honest and list what steroid cycle they are on. No need to lie. List them like rich piana did. (Rip)

  • Omar Smith

    He should be claiming it up to his steroid use not diet and cardio. Lol

  • Oscar Agosta

    “World’s” fittest Man!? LMAO. Quite a satement…to make a statement like that you have big balls. You know how many men there are in this world?
    Reminds me of the “world” series or World Championship Superbowl where 99% of the other countries aren’t even represented.
    Pretty mind blowing.
    But good physique bro… tren, mast and test prop cycle is working for you!!

  • Ben Thornton Harwood

    Credit where it’s due, he did swim the entire was around Great Britain, and did a video blog for Red Bull while doing it, quite an impressive feat, you can watch on YouTube. His feats of strength and endurance are pretty epic, his podcast appearances with Joe Rogan and Dan Hardy are good listens, got a really interesting approach to sport science- outlined in his book which is a decent read for anyone interested in a really simple guide to the fundamentals of exercise science.

    That being said I’ve never heard Ross talk about PEDs which is crazy considering his size and endurance it’s fairly obvious that he’s taking SOMETHING, regardless of the dedication needed to go along with it.

  • Alex Thorn

    Just because he’s on the gas doesn’t mean he doesn’t put the effort.

  • Cuisin’ with Kev

    Who makes a rope that’s 5 miles long? Where did they hang it?

  • Yang Chun

    If this person is not iron Lou then no, they’re not the world’s fittest man. Fuck outta here with that roid shit.

  • Flavabang1010

    Arnold did say you should “pump the blood to swell the muscles”. I think this dude is natty; steroids usually make you way big, he big, but not steroids big to me.

  • Daniel Love

    Does sound like It works…. nothing beats the accurate diet, training not jus working out and knowing what works for you….. it’s cool to try new things like switching up programs every few weeks to avoid plateaus, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel…. GET THAT ASS IN THE GYM AND TRAIN!!!!!

  • Israel

    Louie Simmons of West Side Barbell has been doing this for decades. Force = Mass x acceleration.

  • TimeTravelmachine.

    Well unlike you guys I was putting no effort in or trying to convince anyone I was simply explaining my own experiences weather people believe it or not I don’t really care and I have dyslexia so my communication is shabby so sorry about that.

  • TimeTravelmachine.

    Try it yourself some time for real starting today do 100 Dimond push ups 100 lower body push ups 100 regular then 18 different abe workouts 3 types of squats and wall sqauats along with a full blown 2 workout all around the obliques and to finsh off zinc vitamins B tab and eat nothing but oats for breakfast lunch and dinner for a total of 6 weeks no break everyday (: good luck

  • Jacob Stamm

    I’m a noob. What’s the gear?

  • Rocco Forte

    Not undermining what you wrote just letting you know from 18 yrs of experiencing doing g strength power endurance training.Useless. Do a variety of exercises that compensate for an overworked neuro muscular nervous system by doing heavy squats and deadlifts all the time find ALTERNATIVE exercises that you can do with lighter weights, more controlled motion and tempo, preferably in a circuit or triset superset and pause at the key moments in the lift and explode at key points.ALWAYS CONSCIOUSLY thinking about doing those motions. That allows to stress ALL types of nervous connections and different functions of larger muscle groups involved in squats and deadlifts.

    What this article says it’s mostly the broad idea of what fast displacement of weight is but neglects the different types of fibers and tissues (joints, articulations) related to forcing weights which is what EVERY ONE LIFTING weights have to consciously think about to target in every workout, the guy wrote this broadly not really reaching all necessary notions to lifting because most these guys just take roids and depend on them to get results this most don’t know how to really explain in detail how to get results. My advice: definitely GO with the THE PYRAMID CONCEPT of going for strength pyramid then DECREASING PYRAMID for exactly the reasons I explained above and mostly for compound exercises and isolation type ones do circuit triset superset type exercises lighter weight aiming to reaching an effort and effect of 85% muscle capacity.IT’ S ALL ABOUT CONSIDERING WHAT THE BODY IS AND UNDERSTANDING THE LAWS OF PHYSICS AND HOW TO APPLY THEM TO LIFTING BECAUSE WE ARE PART OF A WORLD DEFINED BY PHYSICS.those are key points

    Hope this helps


  • Rocco Forte

    Exactly what they all do bro.

  • Rocco Forte

    Indeed that’s the big secret duh

  • James

    Fair point Roc, appreciate your insights. Understand how it may come off that way but the intention was to draw your attention to another tool in breaking a plateau that we’d never heard of before. But yeah – point taken that it may not work on its own.

  • Adrien Watson

    Orals are not as bad as advertised…. ex AAS user here.
    Sure, if you run Anadrol or Superdrol for 8 weeks, you wont be in good shape.
    Yet I’m on TRT and I’ll throw in some Proviron on occasion for appetite gains and removal of SHBG, with no elevated liver enzymes.
    Other than that, I agree with you… 100%
    I see guys running 3x more than I used to, with 2x more compounds…. and they look like trash… more importantly, they feel like trash.

  • infamouscrimes

    Absolutely terrible advice from another moron on steroids. Lifting weights at high speed is how you get injured and it won’t help you make any gains. Weights should be lifted not just slowly, but super slowly. Look up high intensity training. This man would be nothing without drugs.

  • infamouscrimes

    They’re all on screamers. ALL of them.

  • infamouscrimes

    “Explosive training is simply criminal. It’s stupid as hell.”
    – Arthur Jones

  • infamouscrimes

    Human growth hormone, certainly.

  • infamouscrimes

    CrossFit is garbage. Everyone involved in it is a steroid freak.

  • infamouscrimes

    I hope you’re joking.

  • infamouscrimes

    Why because CrossFit (TM) says so? He’s just another lying steroid freak.

  • infamouscrimes

    Your trainer is absolutely correct. Proper training requires super slow reps.

  • infamouscrimes

    CrossFit sucks.

  • madraz

    Lots of guys on here sure have a boner for this matt fraser guy

  • infamouscrimes

    Uh huh. This guy is on steroids and growth hormone. So unless you are too, you look nothing like him.

  • 4g63mark

    Let me guess, you think Ross is Natty right? LMAO Get the fuck outta here. Everyone at that level is on something. Look at how tainted the Olympics are.

  • Alan Scott

    If you juice it your already an addict to the physique monkey! Nough said.

  • jim panner

    I think the same thing and thank you for saying so. I WORK out daily varying the muscle groups etc… and have done so for years and I have yet to develop the definition and mass I see all the so called experts showing me they have. What they do not tell you is how much exogenous chemistry is part of their routine. I ignore them for the most part but younger men I’m not so sure aren’t easy targets. I’m just having to realize and accept that I may be fit but will never be traffic-stopping muscular… body at 68 simply cannot produce any more natural test or HGH than it has.

  • jim panner

    the problem with ‘gear’ is once you’re off it, you LOSE nearly all your gains and it short circuits your natural hormone output that some NEVER recover from or it takes YEARS to recover. Its short term results with long term deterioration. Most love to drink for the buzz and enjoyment of feeling good but the hangover the next day makes it a helleva price to pay.

  • TimeTravelmachine.

    Exactly the hardest part for me to get was my leg massive but the arm stuff no problem just resarch YouTube

  • Adrian Kelmendi

    Check AthleanX

  • 4g63mark

    I wouldn’t call it a “Boner”. I would just say it’s giving credit where credit is due. He’s a hell of a lot stronger than most people, he’s faster than most people, and he has more endurance than most people. Plus he officially holds the title of “Fittest man on Earth.”

  • Just A Person

    Sorry you have dyslexia. I’m simply saying that when you write with virtually no punctuation, you can’t really expect people to understand whatever point you’re trying to make.

  • TimeTravelmachine.

    True you make a fair point

  • Flavabang1010

    Dude! Just because you are scrawny and dont take the time out to be dedicated and consistent, doesnt mean other people aren’t. I guess, if you saw me, i would be on steroids too, and im a girl. Here’s the receipe: protein, pump the blood in the muscle, water, dedication, and consistency; guaranteed you will get big, but its not going to happen overnight.

  • infamouscrimes

    You don’t know me and you clearly know nothing about bodybuilding and genetics.

  • Flavabang1010

    Cry me a river. Genetics play a part, but you said he was on steroids. He could be genetically superior but you said steroids. Take the advice i gave you and run with it, who gives a fyck about genetics. Go live your best life and get big.

  • Flavabang1010

    If you didnt feel inferior about his size, you wouldve took his advice and ran with it. All i hear is what you dont say.

  • infamouscrimes

    Genetics prevent a natural from looking like him. No matter your genetic gifts, it’s impossible. He’s a juicer. You can’t get big without steroids. Look up natural bodybuilding, they aren’t big guys.


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