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Hair Transplant Expert Explains What The Hell Is Going On With Lewis Hamilton’s Hair

A modern miracle.

Affairs. Mortgages. Ill-considered Ferraris. Death. Taxes. Life is full of inevitabilities and – for most men – hair loss is unfortunately among them.

Case in point: Lewis Hamilton. Although he is a five-time Formula One champion – who has nailed the worlds of sport, career, family, friends and romance – the legend has always struggled to come out on top in a personal battle with his ever-receding hairline.

The British racing driver puts this down to using “hotel soap” as shampoo and generally just not looking after his hair when on the road in his younger years.

More recently, however, we’ve seen the triumphant return of follicular matter. And while the champ has not admitted to surgical implants, (he claims it has grown thicker naturally, as he has started taking better care of it), we have always had ~suspicions~.



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Our misgivings came to a head when Lewis started growing dreadlocks that put Snoop Dog to shame. Unable to bear the curiosity (and the jealous sensation we got when comparing Lewis’ locks to our own) we asked hair transplant expert James Nadin of The Crown Clinic in Sydney exactly how accurate our cynicism really is.


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Here’s what he had to say: “I doubt very much he could have got it grown like that with PRP [hair growth injections]. The before and after photos certainly suggest he has had a [full on] transplant.”

As for the ‘soap’ story? “Ridiculous,” James told us. And – although no-one but Hamilton can confirm this – “It would certainly appear from the photos that he’s had a hair transplant.. and a good one as well.”

That said, there’s no reason to get hysterical. In fact, according to hair transplant expert James (and we agree), there’s no reason Hamilton should be ashamed.


“He’s the king of the world and he should just own it. He looks great.”

Now for the hard-hitting stuff: will it last?


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“[Unlike many other treatments], hair transplants are permanent,” James told us.

“It will grow for the rest of his life.”

And even though Hamilton is growing dreadlocks, which you might think could stress his new hair out, James says this is nothing to worry about.

“The existing hair that he still had on his head when he got the transplant might go in time… but once the [new] hair grows it’s robust as anything – and you do what you want with it.”

In other words: unless you overtie your man bun every day for 20 years (and even then) it’s unlikely you will lose your hair unless you are genetically predisposed to do so.



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  • Lars Jeppesen

    The one from the tv show is a wig. No amount of transplants can give this density.. he is using a wig (or “hair system” as wigs are called these days)

  • Simone Andrews

    Why don’t the media do any stories on Christian Horner and Martin Brundle they both have hair transplant just like Hamilton. So where are their stories? Hating media, always hating on Hamilton and for what? For the trolls to come out of the hating caves.

  • Simone Andrews

    He not wearing a wig moron can’t you read? He had an hair transplant in 2009 or 2010 and now he is letting his grow out, which means he no longer getting haircuts.

  • Simone Andrews

    I take it back you’re jackassssssssss

  • Andrew Michael

    Because he generally dresses and looks like a fool and it’s so easy to make fun of him.

  • Simone Andrews

    Thank you hating troll, and as for his dressing he should had been fired his stylist along time ago because she don’t know how to dress men. There are plenty men stylist out there who do know how to dress their clients. And he doesn’t act like no fool, the only fool is you for being jealous of a celebrity. Hating troll

  • James

    No hate. Just admiring a modern miracle.

  • jakobusvdl

    Out there with Wayne Rooney, Elton John and many many more. I wonder how much it costs?

  • Juan Esteban

    Initially I thought he had extensions as well because hair transplants are not done with long hair (too much stress on the follicles) but then I realized his head has been under wraps for most of the season AND braids will actually increase the length of hair. Who knows wtf was growing under the hat, do-rag, and helmet

  • Lars Jeppesen

    That image is a wig.. sorry to burst your bubble.

    Calling people “moron” makes you look just that…

    He had transplants but also used wigs (like on that photo).

  • Lars Jeppesen

    You’re the troll for calling people names.

  • Andre C Roberts

    I love it. Men should take care of their personal appearance. We used to at least try to look our best back in the days. Good on him.

  • Neal Rayner

    I don’t understand the point of this story who on earth is interested in other people’s hair FFS.

  • Stefan Vis from Amsterdam

    Dumb. No transplant. Just extentions. Try to understand black hair.

  • T LaShawn

    Seriously? Transplants? Who the hell wrote this article? Do you have ANY black friends? Not even one who could have explained Extensions to you, before you embarrassed yourself on a global basis?

  • Gail smith

    Who cares if he had transplant or not. He has his hair’ Long and growing a lot . Haters going to hate.

  • James

    Extensions or not, he appears to have grown more hair, no?

  • Simone Andrews

    It ‘s not wig it’s his hair and you are jackass

  • T LaShawn

    *sigh* That’s the point of getting a weave…it gives the appearance of longer and fuller hair…smh

  • jakobusvdl

    but still you read it, and commented……. 😉

  • Neal Rayner

    Well my feed bought me here cos I follow F1. I must admit I did read the first 3 sentences before I facepalmed.

  • K F

    Whether or not he has had a hair transplant is a separate discussion, but to the author of this article James Booth, please in the future either learn about black hair or allow a black journalist to cover stories like this. Several points in this are lazy and untrue. First of all those are not dreadlocks that he is “growing”, those are braids- which do not grow from the head, they are a type of styling that anyone with any hair texture can achieve. It’s quite embarrassing that you didn’t know that to be honest. The fact that your supposed “expert” who gave commentary on this also wasn’t aware of this is again, embarrassing. I am an editor and reading this article offended me so much that I felt inclined to comment. If you would like your publication to grow, I advise you stop the lazy journalism and collaborations with publicists who have no integrity.

  • Elijah Johnson


  • Ernst Lettl

    I`m lucky because i`ve had always beautyfull Hair & the still look good even, the are now grey & white , the Lady`s like it & me too , but when Nature has a different Rule : what`s the Problem with being bold ? it looks like Hamilton is the only one who has a big Problem with it ! that means that he is not that strong as he always claims ?? that means he has a lot of weak Points that other Driver`s can use to beat him !! his weakness is his Arrogance , his shallow Character , his greed for Money ! now he is fighting against Rassism , but why doesn`t he spend just a few Millions from his own Money that Mercedes ” gives ” him every Year ?? he believes that he is the Graetest of all time , he never will be but he is a good Product for Mercedes to sell more of their Cars to : not white Custumers like him !

  • Mark Beckman

    I have no problem with hair transplants, but lying about it is another thing altogether. Mind you, Hamilton is the only F1 driver to be suspended ever for lying, guess it’s a part of his obvious insecurities.

  • Noob

    You have hair, so you can’t even understand it.


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