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Score 83% Off This Stunning Men’s Watch On Steel Jubilee Style Bracelet

Take the dive, its time.

For a long period of time, luxurious automatic movement watches were only produced by brands with hundreds of years of heritage behind them. Heritage brands would then sell on their exclusive watches for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is now changing.

In recent years as the watchmaking technology has improved and become more accessible, there has been an abundance of smaller ‘Microbrands’ popping up on the market. The premise of these so-called microbrands is to offer high quality, unique watches in small quantities for reasonable prices. Heritor is one of these brands and one of their best looking models, the Edgard is now on sale.

Much like a dive watch, the Edgard is water-resistant to 200m, a screw-down crown, a rotating bezel for timing your dive and luminescent hands for low light visibility. What makes it stand out from an oversaturated market you ask? Its unique look.

Unlike most dive watches that are typically either a navy or black with minimal markings, the Heritor Edgard Pro Diver Automatic Watch features different shades of blue, orange markings on the bezel, dial and hands, and bold squared hands and dial markers. In combination, these design features help the Edgard stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. 

It also features an automatic movement with a display case back so you can show it off to all of your friends. The jubilee bracelet is another cool feature that helps it differentiate it from other blander dive watches. Available in five colours, you’ll easily find one that tickles your fancy. If you were buying this from a big name brand, you’d expect to pay well over four figures, but you can score the Heritor Edgard Pro Diver for just $149. That’s $746 off it’s $895 RRP. Take the dive, its time. 

Shop Heritor Edgard $149

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