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Get This Men’s Diver Watch That’s Perfect For Work & Water For Just $315

One watch to rule them all.

Like a large swell on a king tide, dive watches have surged in popularity as of late. This comes with many happy customers as well as quite a few that inevitably purchase something they should have known better than to buy. Today we’re going to put that right, by explaining what makes a good one.

So what is it? Well, at the core of dive watches is their ability to handle 200m + of depth, time a dive and be legible in the dark. In the past, in order to meet these requirements, dive watches were often cumbersome and a far cry from classy.

Thanks to improvements in watch technology and development of new materials, dive watches have now become a watch that one can wear no matter the occasion. Less and less are men investing in a collection of watches and instead choose to purchase one watch that can do it all. What kind of watch is capable of any and all occasions you ask? Jack Mason’s Diver watch might be the place to start.

First and foremost, the Diver Watch is as functional as you’d imagine. With a water resistance of 300m, it will go to depths you dare not dive to all whilst timing your dive with its rotating bezel. It will no doubt be rather dark down that deep, but the luminescent hands and dial markers will be legible. No doubt it is capable beyond your requirements, but is it versatile? Yes, at 42mm in diameter, it’s large enough to be visible when underwater, but not too big that it won’t fit under a dress shirt. The gorgeous stainless steel bracelet and either black or blue ceramic bezel and dial is ultra-sophisticated and will look at home in the office, at the beach or at Sunday brunch event. 

For $315 this watch is incredibly well priced given its function and its ability to be worn 365 days and nights of the year. It’s amazing how this watch manages to be sophisticated yet understated, functional but not fussy, affordable without looking cheap. Is there really any need for any other watch? We think not. 

Shop Jack Mason  $315

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  • Queep Slayer

    I could be wrong here (I hope I’m wrong!), but I think the OP is mistaken…

    There are two Jack Mason 42mm Diving Watches: the Automatic (a.k.a. “Diver Automatic 42mm”) and the Quartz (a.k.a. “Diver 42mm”). According to the Jack Mason website, the Automatic with the steel bracelet is $595 and the Quartz with the steel bracelet is $315.

    When you go to the Huckberry website to find the “deal,” they only list the Quartz (not the Automatic) for $315, which is its normal price. There is no deal here. Where the OP is mistaken is that the title of the article states that the Automatic is on sale for 48% off (from $595 to $315), when the price is actually normal for a Quartz.


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