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The $68 Men’s Gym Shorts That Fit & Look Infinitely Better Than The Rest

Awesome gym shorts from a brand you’ve probably never heard of.

Nike, Adidas, Lululemon… The goto brands we all know (and love) but rarely steer away from. What if we told you there was an emerging men’s workout apparel brand that’s doing some pretty cool stuff at a reasonable price too.

Introducing the Olivers Apparel All Over Short. These 7.5-inch gym shorts feature fabric that’s water repellent, moisture-wicking, soft and light. They even have an inner pocket for carrying keys or a credit card. Olivers say they’re all-weather and all-purpose. So whether you’re doing squats at Gold’s Gym or hill sprints at Bondi Beach, you’ll be covered.

The All Over Short is available in 13 different colours but we recommend rugby stripe version. The navy blue and white design will pair perfectly with a grey or white workout t-shirt. Better than that, the All Over Shorts have 197 reviews online. 158 of those are five stars. So you know people already love the product. 

Great all-around shorts. I wear them to the gym and when I’m out and about. I have four pairs now.

Wear them running, kicking around, out to bar etc. maybe a back pocket? But honestly love them. Thanks

At $68, the All Over Shorts are an easy get so you can start sweating in style.

Shop Olivers All Over Shorts $68 USD

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