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This Affordable Men’s Field Jacket Perfectly Combines Military Style & Comfort

Effortless cool with a military edge.

As the fashion seasons come and go, so does what’s cool and what isn’t. One day you’re rocking a suit and tie, the next it’s lycra and dad sneakers. It’s awfully difficult and not to mention expensive to keep up with all of the latest trends and to be honest, we try not to. Timeless clothing is exempt from ins and outs and maintains it’s effortlessly cool status no matter what year or season.

One style that seems to be ever timeless is clothing inspired by the military. For decades the military has been providing their troops with rugged, hard-wearing garments that slowly trickle down into casual wear. Whilst not everything makes its way across, the things that do tend to stick. Think field jackets, boots, bomber jackets, cargo pants, caps. All of them tend to stick around, maintaining their cool status as the years go by. A great example of this is the humble field jacket, a waxed coat worn by infantry and a great example of the field jacket is Peregrine‘s Olive Hybrid Baxter.

Made from a sturdy waxed cotton with a quilted lining, the Hybrid Baxter is immensely durable, warm and waterproof making it perfect winter coat. Constructed by traditional techniques in Bristol, England not only will the materials last a lifetime but it has the constriction to match. With its four snap down pockets, utility focus and military styling, this jacket is ultra-cool and practical. It can easily be styled with jeans or chinos for casual events, pair it with suit pants, shirt and loafers and it is perfect for the smarter affair. There you have it, timeless styling, quality construction, versatility and it can all be yours for $277, definitely a worthy investment.  

Shop Peregrine  $277

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