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This Clever $49 iPhone Case Ensures You’ll Never Need A Wallet Again

Streamline your life.

There is no worse look than having the pockets on your pants bulging out with a bit fat wallet, your phone, car keys and house keys. It’s no easy task to streamline your wallet, but if you were forced to, how much more efficient would your life be?

If you’re really ready to streamline your everyday carry, the ultimate way to go about this is to invest in a phone case with card holder from Bellroy. Their cases can carry anywhere from 1 – 7 cards meaning you can decide how streamlined you want to be.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that they’re some thick, obtrusive monstrosity, they’re quite the opposite. Bellroy has built a reputation on their ability to create wallets that carry lots, in a sleek and slim wallet. Not only are they capable of carrying your kit, but they also look great and could easily pass off as just another nice leather phone case.

In addition to carrying your cards and cash, you can also stow away a sim-card and sim-card tool, making it the ultimate phone case for travelling. All in all, not only will this case slim down your wallet and pockets, but it will protect your phone in style and starting at $45, they’re a steal.

Shop The Belroy Wallet  $49

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