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Backpacks aren’t the most exciting purchase you’ll make, but they’re one of the most important items you can own. There are many components that are required to make a great backpack, they need to be practical and able to carry everything you need day to day, they need to be comfortable enough that you could wear it all day, they need to be durable to last you years of abuse and they need to be stylish.

There are many backpacks that fulfil one or two out those three criteria, but not many that fulfil all three. The Locker Pack Lux from Ryu however, ticks all of those boxes and much, much more. With a carrying capacity of 24L, you’ll be able to carry everything you could need for a day and also have enough room for your overnight kit. All of this space isn’t just one big black hole though, Ryu has carefully added mesh dividers, pockets and an integrated laptop sleeve so that you can easily find and access all of your gear at a moment’s notice.

To ensure comfort, Ryu has made the straps out of leather, which over time will contour to your body’s shape. In addition, it’s ergonomically designed to ensure the weight is properly distributed on your back with a removable chest strap, should you be carrying heavier loads. From a longevity standpoint, Ryu’s creation stands above the rest of the pack and is constructed from an extremely durable DWR treated workwear canvas body and shell that will stand the test of time. Lastly, the bag is most definitely stylish and appears to have been inspired by one part Batman, one part Scandinavian minimalist design – possibly the perfect design combo. 

Really there is no reason not to have Ryu’s Locker Pack Lux, not only will it carry all your gear, look great, be comfortable and last you a lifetime, but it’s also rather affordable at $215, especially since you can use it day to day for years to come. To make the deal even sweeter, they’re currently available for $160 (25% Off) at Huckberry. So, it’s time to throw out that hideous hiking rucksack or the backpack you used during High School and score yourself a proper, cool backpack.

Shop Ryu Locker Pack Lux $215 $160

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