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These $158 Sneaker Boots Are The Ultimate Go Anywhere Shoe For Winter

A sneakerboot?

There is an array of boots available out there on the market, there are even more sneakers available, but there aren’t many shoes that combine sneakers and boots. It might seem like a weird thing to say but when you think about it, a ‘sneakerboot’ in theory is quite a practical thing to have in your wardrobe. It combines the relaxed, clean silhouette of a sneaker and the warmth, durability and all-season capability of a boot, what’s not to love?

With this idea in mind, SeaVees has created the Mariner Boot which perfectly combines the looks of a sneaker into an all-weather, all-season boot. At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Mariner Boot is merely some glorified high-top converse, but dig a little deeper and you’ll soon realise it’s in a league of its own.

Made from waterproof suede leather uppers, the Mariner Boot not only looks much more sophisticated than a Converse but it is also much more water-resistant than the cheap canvas they’re made from. To further improve water resistance, SeaVees used a gusseted tongue that doesn’t have any breaks in it, meaning water cannot get into the shoe, another feature not found on any converse. The last feature that helps the Mariner Boot stand out from the crowd is its use of white foxing rubber that not only helps the shoe to be more weather resistant, but it also gives the shoe it’s distinct ‘sneaker’ look. 

Available in navy, dark green and beige, there is a colourway to suit your style. All of the available colours will pair perfectly with dark wash jeans or chinos, giving you a clean look, whilst being protected from the elements. Sold on this shoe’s unique ability to blend the good looks of a sneaker and it’s ability to handle any weather conditions? You can now score it for $158 at Huckberry.

Shop Seavees Mariner Boot  $158

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