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This $118 Limited Edition Dive Watch Could Be The Best Valued Timex Of The Year

The perfect companion, for any occasion.

It’s no secret that dive watches are having somewhat of a ‘moment’ as of late. They’re capable, durable and good looking – making them the perfect watch for almost all occasions. The latest one to hit the market is from Timex‘s most recent collaboration with Huckberry. Together, they have created one of the coolest and most affordable dive watches we’ve seen this year.

The Huckberry X Timex Diver is styled like a traditional, simplistic dive watch it looks rugged yet refined and is a homage to the dive watches of the past. They have focused on usability and designed the watch with the ethos that nothing that isn’t needed, isn’t there. Mounted on the stainless steel case is a black rotating bezel with markers for timing. The standout feature of the watch is it’s gorgeous, minimalistic super brushed dial that adds a modern touch to a watch that is a homage to the past.

To ensure ease of use, the watch features a Quartz movement that will keep time accurately and will never stop (until it runs out). The watch also comes with both a leather and nato strap that enables the watch to be worn on an adventure or on a more formal occasion. For $118 you’re getting a hell of a lot of watch for the money. Get yours quick, being a limited edition there are only 700 units available and you don’t want to miss.

Shop Huckberry X Timex Diver $118

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  • Via con dios

    This is not a dive watch. It’s a dive style watch.

  • Mason Delpino

    If it’s ISO tested it could be an actual dive watch. A dive watch doesn’t have to be 200 ATM water resistant.


    Have to agree with him here. This watch has a push/pull crown, which is a deal breaker for me when it comes to submersing the watch. There are serious divers out there with 100m WR; the SKX031, for example. But a screw down down crown is a HUGE part of that. This is no more a diver than the new 5KX.

  • Dennis Denney

    My fortis b42 chrono has a push pull crown and is rated to 200m. Different price point though.


    Oh, no doubt. I don’t think it’s impossible, I just think it’s risky as all get out. :/ I have a Casio AMW330 that I adore. Before I knew much about watches, I swam in the ocean with it. Months later after I found out about screw down crowns, I felt like I’d played hot potato with a hand grenade all those months ago.


    Way I just checked it out and that’s a nice piece you have there.
    If the manufacturer says it can take that depth, I believe them. I’m just saying that, personally, that’s a lot of risk for ~$2000 piece. Not even a crown guard or anything. One wrong nudge or something…
    I definitely think redundancy and mitigation of risk play into things. Pre diving computers, your life depended on these things, right?

  • Peter Hansen

    Best value in a non ISO rated diver style watch? Hardly, how about the Casio Duro MDV106-1A, sometimes nicknamed the Marlin. 200M Water resist, screw down crown, 1 second slow since bought 4 months ago, nearly identical in appearance, fantastic reviews and literally less than half the price. This is clearly an ad, not an article. Now that I look at their images side by side, the Timex is pretty much a copy of the Duro at half the WR and twice the price. 4.5 / 5 stars with 2800+ reviews on Amazon, say no more.

  • Colby May

    Agree. This site really is just for promotion of sometimes-good products. I’ve had this watch for quite some time now, gains a few seconds per month. Looks good on any strap I’ve thrown on it. The Timex does have some appeal, but I don’t like the longer-than-necessary hours hand, nor do I care for (if I saw some other images of it correctly) the snap-on caseback. It’s a $50 watch marked up 100% for suckers.


    Oh man, if this thing has a snap back as well, calling it a dive watch is tantamount to fraud.haha

    Screw down>screw on>snap back. I think its pretty clear by now.

  • Luc Wiesman

    That’s a nice Casio.

  • Via con dios

    Its not a dive watch. It’s a dive style.

    And, it doesn’t meet the ISO standard.

  • Mason Delpino

    I never said it WAS, I just said being 100m doesn’t automatically exclude it from being a dive watch. Which ISO standard does it not meet? Does the article state whether or not it has a screw-down crown?

  • Via con dios

    It’s not a dive watch.

  • Mason Delpino

    I respectfully disagree, until you can answer me what ISO standards it fails to comply with. Thanks!


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