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If You Only Ever Buy One Suit For Winter, Make It This One

The ultimate winter suit.

When winter conjures up its worst it’s pretty hard to find a suit that will be able to cop it, but Todd Snyder‘s new Donegal suit will handle it will style and grace.

Made from premium grade wool, a material that thrives in colder conditions the Donegal will keep you warm no matter how cold it gets. This mitigates any need for an overcoat or additional jacket allowing you to look refind whilst keeping you supremely warm. Not only is it made from premium materials, but it’s also made in Canada by people who know a thing or two about the cold.

From a style standpoint, the Donegal is made in a modern, tailored fit and is available in a dark grey to suit the winter colour palette. It will pair perfectly with brown or black shoes and can be separated to be paired with jeans, chinos or other suit pants. The trousers (pants) will also look killer on their own with a white shirt or with a black or navy blazer. The combinations are seemingly endless.

Priced at $794 for the jacket and $388 for the trousers, it isn’t cheap but it isn’t overly expensive, especially in the world of suits. What you are getting though is a high quality, versatile suit that will keep you warm when no other suit will, do doubt it’s a worthy investment. 

Shop Todd Snyder Jacket  $794    

Shop Todd Snyder Trousers $388

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