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This Incredibly Stylish $178 Men’s White Sneaker Just Got Restocked

Be quick, they won’t be available for long.

The white sneaker market is ever-changing with many brands and models joining as the cult gains ever more traction. Not all of the styles offered on the market today were designed with timelessness in mind, but there are a select few that have transcended the ins and out of fashion and have cemented themselves as a timeless wardrobe essential, namely this style features clean lines and minimalistic designs, think Common Projects and Oliver Cabell.

The reason this style has become so popular and formidable is because it can be styled for any occasion. You can wear them with a suit, gym shorts or jeans – it’s capabilities are boundless.

Not many newcomers have been able to join this group, but Uniform Standard has. Much like their competitors, the Uniform Standard Series 1 sneaker features clean, minimalist lines. It is a design feature that has become so popular with those who value timeless design. Truth be told, there are no bells or whistles to the shoes and that’s what makes them so good. Instead, the focus is placed on quality materials and construction methods that will make the shoes last.

Uniform Standard is no exception to this rule and uses Gold-Certified Italian Calf leather for the upper and liner of the shoe. The sole is made from a 70% recycled eco-friendly rubber that is highly durable. All of this is stitched together in a factory in Portugal to ensure quality is maintained in the production process. For so much, you’d expect to pay $400-$500 but you can score the Uniform Standard series 1 for $172, which is a steal.

Shop Uniform Standard  $172

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