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These $143 Ethically-Made Men’s Runners Are The Perfect Alternative To Nike

Veja combines innovative sustainable production and fair trade with functional design.

As good as big brand running sneakers are, the sad reality of them is that they’re made unethically from a range of materials that do more harm to the environment than good. This obviously isn’t ideal but where can one find a pair of environmentally friendly, ethically made sneakers that are still cool? Look no further than Veja.

Not only does Veja construct their shoes from environmentally friendly materials with ethical processes, but they also make sneakers that are cool, which in today’s increasingly fashion conscious society is rather important. Their most recent release is the Condor, a running shoe that performs as well as any big brand runner and looks even cooler, all whilst upholding the brand’s ethical and environmental values.

To ensure the shoes have a minimal negative impact on the environment, Veja has used an array of unique materials in the production of the Condor including recycled plastic bottles, sugar cane, rice waste, banana oil and Amazonian rubber to name a few. From a performance standpoint, the Veja’s won’t feel much different from other running shoes as they are comprised of similar features, layering and weight about the same to other, unethical rivals. Visually, they’re some of the coolest sneakers we’ve seen especially with the mesh upper, textured sole and cool colourways.

You’d probably expect to pay a bomb for these sneakers, but you can score them for a mere $143. There you have it, look cool and save the planet – all with a pair of sneakers.

Shop Veja Runners $143

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