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The $28 Men’s T-Shirt That’s Perfect For The Cooler Months

Winter ready, with a summer look.

One thing you probably never think about when buying a t-shirt is the thickness or weight of the fabric and to be honest you’d be forgiven for overlooking this. Not many people look below the surface level when shopping for t-shirts but on closer examination, these smaller details can significantly change the product you get. Of recent, Everlane has made a name for themselves with the high quality, ethically made basics, and their t-shirts are no exception. They appreciate that people want different types of t-shirts for different climates and seasons.

Everlane makes a range of t-shirts that vary from thinner, lightweight fabrics to heavier, warmer models that are perfect for winter as well as everything in between. The ‘Premium Weight’ t-shirt is made from a 6.2oz weight cotton. To put that into perspective, Everlane’s lightweight summer t-shirt is made from 3.7oz weight cotton. This means in the same area, there is almost twice as much fabric, meaning you’re going to stay a lot warmer. 

So whether you’re hoping to continue the t-shirt wearing season or want to layer a lightweight jacket, Everlane’s premium weight t-shirt is the perfect option for you. For $28 they’re a bargain, especially considering their quality and that they’re ethically made. Don’t take our word for it, they have an average of 4.65/5 stars across 475+ reviews, not bad.

I bought this shirt for my fiancé along with a few other Everlane items. This shirt is so incredibly soft and is a gorgeous mustardy orange color. I love it!

Shop Everlane T-Shirt US$28


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