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World’s Fittest Man Reveals Workout Secret That Could Massively Increase Your Gains

Want Adonis abs and triathlete fitness? Look no further.

Ross Edgley, strongman, author of The World’s Fittest Book and cardio-fiend sometimes referred to as The World’s Fittest Man, has broken a number of records in his 33 years on the planet. These include being the first person to swim around the UK, completing a rope climb equivalent to Mount Everest’s height in 19 hours and running a marathon while tethered to a small car.

He’s also proved that Adonis-like strength and triathlete-type fitness don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

To that end: today he is going to show you a workout secret that could massively increase your gains: “Training anything and everything, anywhere and everywhere.” Or, put simply, if you want to get supremely jacked you need to do away with any notions of ‘going through the motions’ and pursue your goal with single-minded determination.

There’s a reason The Vikings, with inferior equipment (and having travelled across the sea in a leaky boat), were able to belt such fear into the English soldier’s hearts, after all. But we digress.


Taking to Instagram less than an hour ago, Ross Edgley encouraged his 492k followers to embrace that same message (the putting your soul into your workout part, not the pillaging and plundering bit), adding that working out barefoot could be another technique that could get your body into alignment (if done correctly) and potentially get you past a plateau.


Edgley has spoken about the mental side of training before at length, including during a podcast with the now-renowned Joe Rogan, in which he spruiks the benefit of adding an ‘adventurous’ aspect (or goal) to your training, to keep it real.

After all, lifting weights in the gym is all well and good, but if you have a greater aim in mind (whether it’s catching more waves during your next surf, or scaling Mount Kilimanjaro) you are likely to put a little more thrust into that ailing bench press.

This leads into a broader discussion around the modern approach to working out, with icons like David Goggins, Laird Hamilton and Nate Robinson showing us how to use ancient pain-bearing techniques to work out better (without taking it too far and getting injured).

So what are you waiting for? Quit scrolling and start kettle-bell swinging that table in front of you. Or something. Or – at least – resolve to put your damn phone away between sets next time you find yourself in the gym.


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  • Matthew Scott Dougherty

    The dudes on steroids… No one looks like that naturally. Where is he talking about that part?

  • yousuf saleh

    Not possible mate because steroids increases latic asid fast and what he does is extreme cardios

  • Ainz Ooal Pwn

    Anything’s possible. lol

  • Roy Blankenship

    I have worked out with plenty of guys who look like that. Why is it always the default “steroids” claim from you guys? First off, steroids are a temporary gain, when you go off your cycle and stop working out, it disappears. Steroids are good for about 10%, which on a 200 pound guy is 20 lbs, which does make a difference, but it gets old seeing a guy who works his ass off and is in a class by himself, and the weenies start crying, “Steroids”. So what, anyway? Is he dissing you for being a crybaby?

  • Snorlax

    Cool then :i

  • Angrywaldeuszek

    Enough of reading, time to exercise!

  • Matthew Diaz

    Sorry to say but he might look like someone on gear but with the knowledge i have that no point in explaining because people gonna think what they want eapecially on the internet…dude is natural and yes genetics have a big part to do with it..but also for him to look like that and be natural means alot of strict dieting and alot of cardio/workouts but if he gets any bigger than that???…yea its probably thanks to gear

  • Matthew Diaz

    Sorry to say but he might look like someone on gear but with the knowledge i have that no point in explaining because people gonna think what they want eapecially on the internet…dude is natural and yes genetics have a big part to do with it..but also for him to look like that and be natural means alot of strict dieting and alot of cardio/workouts but if he gets any bigger than that???…yea its gear…Shit im an ectomorph and I have been accused of gear many times(nice compliment tho)…

  • Matthew Diaz

    Sorry to say but he might look like someone on gear but with the knowledge i have that no point in explaining because people gonna think what they want eapecially on the internet…before learning all i have i would probably be agreeing…after taking a look at this dude and some of his vids…gonna say its all natural and yes genetics have a big part to do with it..but also for him to look like that and be natural means alot of strict dieting and alot of cardio/workouts but if he gets any bigger than that???…yea its probably thanks to gear…

  • JayDee Cook

    Not even close.

  • Joseph Wain


  • Pieter Smith

    Step 1: Quit your job to exercise full time, so you don’t have to worry about being half asleep and unable to walk at work.

    Step 2: Change your genetics so you can handle all that exercise.

    Step 3: Profit

  • Nancy

    My husband looks like this without any roid use. I hate that people jump to that. Fitness is literally our job, so why is it so hard to believe through disciplined training and nutrition you would achieve a muscular physique? If overeating and indulging in crap food in general, all the while doing far less exercise than required to be an athlete results in being sloppy and soft what would doing the opposite accomplish?

  • Chris Little

    Typical, someone like Mr. Dougherty can’t get results so hates on others who do. Weak minded people don’t achieve. #backinyourholehaters

  • Frank Ripperger

    It’s simple.. Those other guys are doing them as well. Guys right.. If you know anything about the human body you don’t look like that nor are you that strong naturally.. Period! Not taking anything away from the guy.. He’s ridiculous but if we’re being honest then let’s call a spade a spade. You only get so strong and you only get so big… If strength and size gains were infinite than everyone would be super hero’s. I have gone to those places mentally in my work outs and seen great gains but it only goes so far

  • DevilDog58

    I disagree about the steroids conclusion. I was a Physical Training Instructor in the Marines and I can tell you that some people, due to different factors, can look like that naturally. Besides pushing your body to the limit EVERYDAY while working out, they also work different muscles everyday. Then there is the diet factor. Eating healthy, natural foods and eliminating or reducing others (such as red meat) is another. Plus rest is extremely important. Almost no one mentions that but getting a good night’s sleep is vital. The body is breaking down and healing constantly. And I believe there’s one thing you can’t control: your DNA. Some have it but many don’t (including myself). And believe me, I have a high pain threshold and pushed my body like crazy (with ruptured disks I knew nothing about). A bit too crazy as it turned out. Though I can no longer work out like I once did, I still weigh 190
    at 6’2″. But I never controlled my diet correctly either. I’ve gone from eating 5000 calories a day to one meal per day. My back injury won’t allow me to eat like I used to because I don’t work out like I used to. But I’m 61 years old and much of the info available today wasn’t available when I was on AD. I did go from 135 lbs. to 190 lbs. at 6’2″ while working out in the Corps. My body fat was about 7% and I never used a steroid. Of course I looked nothing like this dude. I built running/weights/swimming/any sport available. But if you use the knowledge available today and push yourself EVERY DAY then you’ll be in great shape. Most people don’t have that kind of self discipline. That’s the biggest reason people are in lousy shape.

  • Randy Loyd

    Alot of ppl do not have the body type to pull off this look. Me have the body chemistry that I do I can’t any mass. I’m strong but the mass is not there. I have tried thousands of dollars on weight gainers, supplements, gym membership, and trainers. Never do any of it work. DNA was not on my side. I am 6′ and weigh 160 and bench press 250 but again to look at me there would be no way. Steroids are not the answer to a guy being built. There is way more out there better than that. IF u have the right body type. I believe there is 5 different ones.

  • Billy Noll

    Learn from my error. Focus on the legs. Find a few exercises that work for you. Also, it doesn’t have to be back- breaking squats.

  • Patricia

    Steriods bloats the abdomen and skin gets a “flush” tint, if one is lighter than a paper bag lol. Sorry but those guys are not big. If you can’t get that that physique naturally with hard work and diet, your genetics are subpar…

  • Steve Robinson

    Agreed.. sick calf pump a mile in!

  • Tonedef Ed

    Than not then, just saying….

  • Tonedef Ed

    Proper grammar does not require heavy lifting. And it makes me happy, thanks!

  • James

    Check his cardio dude.

  • Chris Lesemann

    Ok first of all, dianabol, EQ, deca bloat. Tren, winstrol and so on don’t bloat or change skin. If you have ever taken a cycle and been around droids you can look at someone and tell what cycle they are on and what they have taken. He has taken Test E, Tren, winstrol, anavar.Tren, win and anie are for cutting. Win sucks water out of you before you go on stage and helps shred. Now you can tell he has a natural base, meaning he worked his body to its peak before getting to taking cycles. He may have taken as little as 5 cycles so far.

  • Christopher Saunders

    Hey, Mat Fraser is the world’s fittest man.

  • Christine

    Thank you.

  • Satan’s Evil Twin

    You must be the dude on the left of your profile pic to be such a whiny weezey weenie is search of an excuse to be relevant.

  • Honky

    Exactly – people think you take steroids and sit down on the couch and eat twinkies and get jacked. I know guys on stuff who work/train their ass off for results. Steroids help, no question about it. But its not some panacea and you still have to put the work in.

  • Honky

    If you don’t know the difference between than and then. Your opinion is irrelevant.

  • Justin Ryan

    Sarms at the least. Put in work though.

  • John

    You are clearly not very knowledgeable about PEDs. The optimal of a the naturals would lose in every contest to a less optimal with PEDs. That 10+% difference is what separates individuals from the crowd.

  • YoungGizzle

    Most likely he is.

  • Chris Lesemann

    Some Oral steroids can increase lactic acids, but not injectables. Tren and the new trend Halo is great for cardio, same with adding clenbuterol to your regiment.

  • Freedom over tyranny

    He looks like he is definitely doing a cycle of tren or another equally strong AAS.

  • Freedom over tyranny

    I’m extremely knowledgeable of PED’s and he is 100% right about not being able to get these gains month over month without some sort of AAS. Steroid’s (testosterone alone won’t do it) but stack them with tren and/or other anabolics then you can EASILY push your genetics higher than normal limits. It also takes A LOT of hard work even with PED’s. You gotta workout REALLY HARD and eat extremely good to get super jacked. its 60% food, 30% gym, 10% sleep.

  • Freedom over tyranny

    The only thing that “bloats” your gut is HGH (hence its called HGH gut).

  • Freedom over tyranny

    don’t forget about those back pumps from AAS cycles! Halo is great beginner steroid as is epistane as long as you take care of your other body functions and do a proper post cycle therapy (HCG/Nolva/Clomid)

  • Freedom over tyranny

    If it was mistyped in the article I’d understand your critique but who the hell cares how people type in the comments? Only a judgmental moron. Get a hobby other than spell checking comments on internet pages..

  • Freedom over tyranny

    @disqus_nlw4Ld5jDJ:disqus you are right, but most people don’t have those genetics. Myself, I’ve been a amateur boxer of 10 years and had a dietician and I STILL couldn’t get my abs to truly show. Yeah my muscles got bigger and I got stronger/more defined but no amount of work/diet/sleep can bring my abs out.

  • gareththomasnz

    SARMs or ROIDs is the edgeley question

  • gareththomasnz

    nope you can not – from someone that trained natty 36 years

  • gareththomasnz

    hes a user for heavens sake

  • Roy Blankenship

    People would be more likely to be interested in what you have to say if you would leave out the arrogance and insults.


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