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Don’t Miss This Handsome $540 Limited Edition Swiss Made Watch Collab

Simple on the surface, but detailed below.

There are a lot of watches out there that are designed by great designers, but what about watches designed by a man of great style. Recently, Serica partnered with a Mr Matt Hranek to design a watch that is perfect for the modern, rakish gent. If you haven’t heard of Mr Hranek, he’s well worth looking into. He’s the publisher of ‘A Man and His Watch‘ one of the all-time greatest coffee table books, the men’s style editor at Condé Nast Traveler magazine and the creator of the WM Brown magazine. Ultimately he’s a man that knows the ins and outs of men’s style as we know it today and has a great appreciation for timeless design, quality and character.

The child of this great collaboration is the W.W.W. WMB Edition, a watch that is perfect for any man who can appreciate quality, functionality and detail. W.W.W. was an acronym originally given to watches designed for the British Armed Forces in 1945 and stands for Wrist. Watch. Waterproof. You might be forgiven for thinking that a watch is merely a tool designed to tell the time, but a closer inspection of the intricate details reveals an appreciation for heritage, functionality and timeless design. The details of note include a gorgeous blue and black dial, broad arrow hands, Superluminova for nighttime visibility, a leather NATO strap, 12 and 24-hour markers. Constructed from stainless steel and powered by a Swiss automatic movement, the W.W.W. will stand the test of time aesthetically and mechanically.

If your lover of quality products, timeless design and detail, you really can’t look past Serica’s W.W.W. WMB Edition. Priced at $540, its a bargain for a seemingly simple watch that is representative of much, much more.

Shop Serica W.W.W. WMB Edition Watch $540

Shop A Man And His Watch $20

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