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This $232 Water Carbonator Is The Accessory Every Home Needs

Save the environment in style.

If you love sparkling water (don’t we all), you face a conundrum. Do you kill all of the world’s polar bears by purchasing pre-bottled sparkling water, or do you buy the polar bear friendly but rather uncool and slightly unattractive soda stream? It’s quite the predicament, but there is a solution and it’s called, Aarke.

All jokes aside, the Aarke is a kitchen utensil that allows you to carbonate tap water right from the convenience of your own home using a refillable COcanister and re-usable bottles. The key differentiating factor between the Aarke and its competition is that it looks great. Designed in Sweden, the Aarke combines sleek lines, functionality and elegance making it presentable enough to take a place on your kitchen bench as opposed to tucked away in the pantry.

Priced at $232 it isn’t all that cheap, but after a few months of use you’ll easily make the money you would have spent on sparkling water back and you’ll save the environment doing so. It’s available in five different colours, our favourite matt black model looks epic.

Shop The Aarke Black Carbonator II $232

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