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These $125 Gumboots Are The Ultimate Music Festival Accessory

For when the going gets tough.

If you’ve ever been to a festival, you’ll be familiar with how rapidly the ground on which you stand changes from ‘grass’ to something closer to a swamp. The worst part about this? Your shoes are toast. A smart festival-goer will know this and will make a decision between sacrificing a nice pair of sneaks in the pursuit of momentary style or wearing an old, decrepit pair that they’re happy to ruin. Either way, it’s a lose-lose scenario. The solution? Gumboots.

You might be surprised to hear it, but gumboots can be pretty cool and the CAT Storners might be some of the coolest around. All festival analogies aside, gumboots are a great practical addition to your wardrobe for when the weather turns south and can be used as a snow boot for between the car and the slopes, for walking in the rain or as previously mentioned – festivals. They’re ideal for any scenario where you’d rather not ruin your crisp white sneakers.

Available in a bright yellow, olive or black with the option of three different heights, CAT’s Stormer boots are surprisingly stylish. With the option of a steel-capped toe, they’re also ideal for damp days on any building site. In addition to footwear, CAT or Caterpillar builds excavators so they know a thing or two about durability and their vulcanised rubber outer layer will keep you dry whilst the padded inner layer will keep you comfortable. You’ll also get great traction in all conditions thanks to a stabilising outer sole. Priced at $125 for the 11″ model with a soft toe, you really can’t go wrong, especially when they’ll last you a lifetime.

Shop Cat Stormer Gumboots $125

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