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This Could Be The Coolest Men’s Jacket You’ll Find This Winter

Cooler than cool.

Most people don’t think of winter as their favourite season. Unless you’re hitting the slopes it just seems like a never-ending cycle putting on coats, being inside and drinking red wine without any fun or happiness. Winter isn’t all doom and gloom though, for those of us that are a little more fashion conscious it provides a much-needed opportunity to dress differently – potentially even better.

Whilst summer is the season of linen, white and beige, winter gives us an opportunity to explore a darker colour palette with some even cooler fabrics. Whether it be a puffer jacket or corduroy trousers there are some cool and unique ways to keep you warm throughout the harshest months of the year. One thing we’ve never seen before though? A corduroy puffer, how cool would that be? Well, your wildest dreams are now a reality thanks to a collaboration between Todd Snyder and Crescent Down Works which has resulted in one of the coolest winter jackets we’ve ever seen.

Made in the USA from Italian cotton corduroy that features a water-repellent finish and stuffed with a 700 fill white goose down the Navy Corduroy Short Jacket is a technical masterpiece. Visually, it stands out, yet is subtle from a distance thanks to the wide corduroy shell in navy. Not only will the jacket keen you ultra-warm throughout your winter commutes, but it will keep you looking stylish in the uttermost of comfort. It isn’t cheap at US$698, but it’s quality materials and constructionm, combined with ultra-stylish looks will last you many winters to come. 

Shop The Navy Corduroy Short Jacket $698 USD

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