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This MTO Suede Jacket Will Take You To New Heights Of Sophistication

The best one yet.

It’s no secret everyone at D’Marge loves a suede jacket. We’ve featured some cracking ones in the past few months, after all. But this latest one might be the best yet. Why? Three simple reasons: uniqueness, versatility and stylishness – all the hallmarks of a great suede jacket.

For starters, you don’t see people rocking suede jackets all that often, they can be a little intimidating and expensive, but its this rarity that makes them so cool. Much like a trucker, denim or leather jacket, the suede jacket is immensely versatile and is perfect for almost any occasion. Unlike its counterparts, suede jackets can even be dressed up for more formal occasions, making them quite possibly the most versatile jacket money can buy. Lastly, they’re stylish, the use of this unique material in a jacket makes them stand out, but they’re also rather understated making them effortlessly cool and stylish.

So, what’s the ultimate suede jacket you ask? Well, Craftsman’s MTO Grant A-1 Suede Blouson makes a pretty good case for itself. The MTO means ‘made to order’ so your not just getting yourself some average of the rack jacket, you’ll be commissioning it. Made from 100% lamb suede, there won’t any imperfections in this jacket and it will look mighty fine for years to come. The cut is modelled on a 1992 flying jacket which features 5 buttons on the front, two front pockets and a knitted collar, cuff and waistband, it’s a gorgeous design that has clearly stood the test of time. Available in 18 different colours, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your taste and wardrobe. 

Priced at $907, it’s pretty reasonably priced for a suede jacket, especially considering the build quality, stylishness and versatility of the jacket. You really can go wrong. 

Shop The Craftsman Grant A-1 Suede Blouson $907

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