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This Insane Swedish ‘Crossfit Priest’ Workout Could Be Your Ticket To Guns Like Thor

Beast of a priest.

Swole Swedish ‘Crossfit Priest’ and Chris Hemsworth lookalike Oskar Anrgården recently made headlines worldwide. This was not – as you might expect – for looking like a (bizarrely intellectual) Norse God – but for his close resemblance to Australia’s biggest obsession, crush and export of 2019; Chris Hemsworth.

With everyone from the New York Post to The Daily Mail jumping on board, this is a classic tale of fitness ‘news’ in 2019. Which we have no problem with: push come to shove, we can lust over cheese-grater abs and mind-warbling triceps all day long.

However, if you want to actually get some of these accoutrements for yourself, you’ll need to work-out more than just your retinas.

So forget the clerically collared selfies, the ‘thirst trap’ training videos and even – for now – the chiselled muscles of this (swole) Lutheran priest from the Church of Sweden. Why? Because you have to earn your dessert before you eat it, and that means working out with the combined ferocity of Ragnar Lothbrok and an ancient Spartan.

Oskar’s Instagram page is a perfect testament to this, showing the modern-day man how to gain some ancient focus and some Thor-some guns of his own. It also reveals the biggest open secret in the workout industry of today: you don’t need a gym membership to get guns like Thor, you just need to workout like Chris Hemsworth.

From barbell curls (for bulging biceps and rotund shoulders)…


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… to kettlebell swings (for your triceps, a core and a six-pack to match)…

… Oskar’s workout is impressive, achievable with some basic pieces of equipment you can leave in your living room and – most importantly of all – looks as if it could have been lifted straight from Chris Hemsworth’s home workout app, Centr.


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They also have a shared tendency to heat the internet up with thirsty comments. And while Chris takes his shirt off to do this…

…Oskar manages to do it with a tee and glasses…


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Not to mention, he also completes his workouts with the same sort of ferocity as Australia’s favourite son…


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So, what’s the secret to getting arms like Thor? While it is glib to say, “Just work out like Chris Hemsworth,” the core sentiment is true: work hard, vary your intensity, and seek professional advice (like both Hemsworth and Oskar).


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Hammer wielding arms await.

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