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$150 Cybertruck Down Payments Could Be The Internet’s Most Embarrassing Flex Yet

Cybertruck-load of shite.

It’s part of human nature to brag about something you’re particularly proud of: your first home; a personal achievement; maybe even your kids. These are all fine. What we don’t think people should be bragging about though, is a $150 ($100 USD) downpayment on one of the ugliest cars in recent memory: the Tesla Cybertruck.

Type #cybertruck into Instagram and you’ll see a whole number of posts from fools people who have put their deposit down to own what they believe is one of the greatest advancements in the automotive industry.

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While we have to admire Tesla’s commitment to sustainable energy-powered vehicles – and its mission to rethink the car as a whole – we definitely think the California-based company could have spent a little more time at the design stage. Resembling something that wouldn’t look out of place in Gran Turismo on the PlayStation 1, or something your 4-year-old might draw, the design, to us, is more dated than futuristic.

That hasn’t stopped people from parting with their cash, all in the name of being one of the first to own the ugly unusual looking vehicle that can catapult you to 60mph faster than a Porsche 911.


But to post about a deposit? Really? We don’t see posts from people making deposits for any other car, so why should a Tesla be any different? It’s just not cool.


The cynic in us expects many of the alleged 150,000 pre-orderers to claim a full refund on their deposit before the Cybertruck rolls off the production line in late 2021/early 2020, and not actually go through with the purchase, instead just trying to show off to their mates.

We wouldn’t blame them if they did cancel. Marketed as ultra-tough and ultra-rugged, the demonstration of the bullet-proof glass at the official launch was met with mockery. Designed to be completely scratch-resistant, the window smashed when it had a metal ball hurled at it. Not exactly encouraging.

A similar thing happened when Tesla launched the Model 3: people posted images of their $1,000 deposits. While we still don’t condone that behaviour, at least the car in question was actually cool.

We can’t get on board with the Cybertruck trend, give us a Hilux any day instead.


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  • dzerres

    sour grapes. No other car company gathers pre-orders like Tesla does. You still can’t get over the pre-orders for the Model 3, can you? Tesla delivers – actually they over-deliver. We’re all betting that by the time the first Cybertrucks roll off the line their range will be better and the 0-60 times will be even faster as it has happened in the past. My Model 3 just got a better 0-60 time just sitting in the garage getting an over-the-air update. You CANNOT say that has EVER happened with any other car brand from anywhere in the world. Style is personal: I love how that thing looks from the front and on the inside, okay from the back and “meh” from the sides. I’m planning to replace my 20 year old Dodge Dakota with a dual motor Cybertruck (22 yr old by the time it comes out). The aftermarket will take care of any view you don’t like. Just go away – you’re not adding anything to the conversation.

  • Chips O’Toole

    You sound like someone who took a screenshot and posted it on his Instagram. I bet you wear an apple watch too.


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