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Score 15% Off This Danish Designed Men’s Field Jacket

Versatility and timeless style with a military edge.

The field jacket as we know it today was first made available to the US Military in 1965, named the M-1965 or the ‘M-65’. The style was originally characterised by oversized pockets, drawstrings and a straight collar that had room for a hood, today brands continue to make the ‘M-65’ for civilians but put their own unique touches on the jacket to adapt it for the modern era.

One of the best modern incarnations of the humble M-65 is Foret’s Army Field Jacket. Available in dark green with four oversized front pockets and made from thick and tough cotton, it pays homage to the field jackets of old but through clever Scandinavian design it looks and feels modern. The jacket unlike the M-65, Foret’s field jacket has a collar that is more akin to one found on denim or shirt jacket, a small detail that makes the jacket a better suit for the modern era. 

It might seem like an odd piece to have in your wardrobe, but it is extremely versatile and easy to style. It will pair well with jeans or chinos and a t-shirt but can also be worn over a shirt and knitted tie with suit trousers for a more formal look. Whether you decide to wear it casually or formally, Foret’s Army Field Jacket is the perfect way to make your wardrobe more interesting with a military twist and is available for a rather reasonable $335.

Shop The Foret Army Field Jacket $393 $335

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