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Australia’s Newest Men’s Magazine Just Dropped But You Better Get In Quick

More me, less you.

Hotter than a Bondi influencer eating a double-baked potato, the DMARGE Magazine is back. From cars to watches to creme de la drinks trolley tipples, the DMARGE fourth edition has it all.

So: if you’d like to mainline some of the finest products of 2019 straight into your eyeballs, read some of the most tantalising tales of the lifestyle industry this year and know what’s what in 2020, order yourself a copy of the Fourth Edition of DMARGE.

DMARGE showcases some of the coolest products on the market right now and features collaborations with some of Australia’s most stylish men and cutting-edge brands. To give you a taster, this includes Hayden Cox of Haydenshapes, who taught us about the future of sustainable surfing, as well as Hertz, which is now helping tourists revisit Italy’s swinging ’60s one sunroof at a time.

In other words: whether you’d like to peruse the products DMARGE has curated, or flick through a few snappy stories, the DMARGE magazine is for you. Aimed at sophisticated Australian men, the DMARGE magazine is a great Christmas gift for yourself, your boyfriend, your brother, your husband or even your mate.

It’s only $14.95 with free shipping. The DMARGE magazine ships December the 1st, but there are limited copies so you’d better get in quick.

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