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Score 30% Off This Epic Todd Snyder Men’s Tracksuit

When it comes to tracksuits, no matter which you choose they’re often pretty much the same. This number from Todd Snyder though, is a game-changer.

What makes the humble tracksuit such an important wardrobe essential is its versatility. No, you’ll probably never be able to wear it to a ‘smart casual’ event (let alone a formal one), but for the other 90% of your life, a tracksuit is an option. Whether you’re heading to the gym or embarking on a long-haul flight, a good tracksuit will be capable of accompanying you in the utmost comfort and style.

Long has the grey melange tracksuit been the king of the hill, but Todd Snyder’s most recent collaboration with Champion might be the new king of the castle. Available in a Navy with contrasting white stripes with striped cuffs, the Japanese Tipped Tracksuit is a visual masterpiece, looking sporty and sophisticated. Not only can they be worn together as a complete tracksuit, but they can also be easily styled with other casual basics like jeans, a white t-shirt or chinos.

No doubt you’ll love your new tracksuit and will want it to last you a lifetime and thanks to the use of 100% Polyester from Takihyo, Japan paired with Todd Snyder’s infamously good construction they will. Not only will the quality materials and construction ensure they last, but it also makes them supremely comfortable, especially when paired with the elastic waistband. 

The good news is with the Black Friday sales happening you can save 30 per cent off this killer tracksuit. The whole set will now set you back $366 $256… but considering the quality, versatility and stylishness of the set, it can be justified.

Its time to take your casual looks to new heights of cool.

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