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Ex World’s Strongest Man Reveals Workout Secret That Could Get You Huge

“Like a feather.”

It’s not curating your calves or perfecting your bicep peaks, it’s doing the compound exercises in which you lift as much weight as possible. These days we all have access to fancy pant gyms and even silkier equipment which promises to help us work each and every muscle group in intricate detail.

From the dreaded hip abductor to preacher curls, these kinds of exercises can be helpful to help you achieve extra muscle tone or definition. What they aren’t great for, however, is building mass – something which the vast majority of us struggle with.

If this sounds like you, take your cue from the following video of Eddie Hall, otherwise known as The Beast, winner of the World’s Strongest Man Of 2017 competition and world record deadlift holder (500kg under strongman rules).


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170KG presses like a feather!!! #WorldsStrongestMan Big Love Team Beast

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Although Eddie is no longer at the absolute pinnacle of his game, he is still working out like a man possessed, and proving to us the way to build (and maintain) muscle mass is to do major compound lifts, with good form.

Of course, you might not lift 170kg “like a feather” a la Eddie, but deadlifts are certainly a good place to kickstart your mountain-like goals, along with squats, pull-ups and chin-ups, lunges, bench presses, dips and lying pullovers.


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Big muscles await.

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