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These $119 Men’s Chinos Will Give Your Wardrobe A Touch Of Flair

Chinos are pretty bland – don’t get me wrong they’re excellent trousers, that have a unique ability to be worn to almost any occasion, whether it be casual or more formal. Their greatest drawback is that there isn’t much going on with them, they don’t have pleats, cuffs, a special cut, nothing, zilch and whilst this enables them to be worn is a broad range of circumstances this lack of character is their greatest flaw. Bonobos have decided to change this with their new Flannel Lined Chinos that retain all the versatility of traditional chinos but adds some character.

Bonobos have taken an otherwise normal pair of chinos and lined them with a tartan patterned flannel. Whilst this might seem like an insignificant point of differentiation, the subtle change adds a unique and interesting twist on the pants. When rolled at the cuff the flannel can be seen, giving a more interesting look. In addition, the flannel can be seen lining the pockets, however, should you want to return the chinos to their clean-cut origins you can simply unroll the cuff.

There you have it, a pair of chinos that retain their versatility and capability with the addition of some character. Priced at $118 and available in 6 great colours you really can’t go wrong.

Shop Bonobos Flannel Lined Chinos $118

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