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How Men Can Banish Their ‘Mum Bum’, According To A Personal Trainer

Big booty be gone.

Men across Australia consistently strive to be the picture of health – at least from this writer’s perspective – but there’s one embarrassing body type that can affect even the fittest of men. We’re talking mum bums. 

Traditionally used to refer to a woman’s neglected post-birth posterior, the mum bum can now be seen sagging in wake of new parents on every end of the XY spectrum.

And it’s not just parents, hordes of single guys who don’t find time for the gym (or do the wrong exercises once they get there) are a walking cellulite explosion waiting to happen.

We spoke to Fitness First Bondi Platinum personal trainer Liam Chenery to find out the best ways men can combat mum bum and get themselves a peach of a rear-end. 


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He starts by saying there aren’t any exercises specific to men or women when it comes to training the glute muscles. His go-to moves in the gym include deadlifts – so often regarded as the king of all weight training exercises – squats, hip thrusts, variations of the lunge movement and back extensions. 


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Another word of warning: some guys may think if they’ve been given the unwanted gift of a large bum, then building up another area of the body to compensate is the way to go. Liam says it’s not wise to do this. He says “if a certain body area is ‘lagging’, then simply spend more time training this area.” Think 2-3 times a week as opposed to just the once. 

With gym training in full swing, you may be wondering how best to handle the nutritional side of getting your body into the shape you desire. Liam says with regards to this there are “no specific foods or drinks you should be consuming, just make sure you’re checking your calorie intake vs the calories you burn during training sessions.” He dispels the idea of a ‘healthy weight’ too, as depending on what measurement scale you use, you could be regarded as overweight.


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He says of himself, “I have abs, but for my height/weight I am overweight/obese according to some measurements.” So don’t be put off if the scales aren’t telling you what you want to hear. 

A lot of guys who believe they have body defects may think there’s nothing that can be done about them. Liam says pish to this way of thinking. However, he says he’s “always open and honest with [his] clients.” If they have unrealistic goals, such as wanting to lose body fat in a certain area, he’ll tell them it’s unlikely to be achievable. “Of course, every client is different so many variables come into play.” Ultimately, if you want to change something about your body, go out and do it. 

So guys, if you’ve been dealt an unsightly rear end, stop sitting on it, get up, and start training.

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