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The $148 Men’s Pants That Perfectly Combine Style & Performance

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We all have our favourite pair of jeans, they’ve probably been with you a while, fit just how you like and are the perfect colour. It isn’t just a coincidence that everyone loves jeans, they’re comfortable, versatile, tough and relatively affordable. Like everything though, they do have their limitations and won’t cut it in the office or on the golf course, don’t move particularly well and can sometimes be considered a little boring. What if there was a pair of pants that had all of the benefits of jeans without any of the drawbacks? Well, there is – Olivers Apparel ‘Passage Pant’

 The passage pant has the same cut and style as your favourite pair of jeans, but with one major difference, the fabric. Olivers Apparel makes the Passage Pant from 4-way stretch CORDURA threads that are tough and durable whilst are simultaneously comfortable and movement-friendly.  They’re available in nine different colours so you can go for something classic or something a bit more unique. No matter what colour you choose, they’re all ultra-versatile and look similar to chinos but with much more stretch so they’re both office and golf course friendly. 

Priced at $148, the Passage Pant is an absolute bargain and can be worn nearly every day to almost any occasion making them a worthy investment for any wardrobe. Your search for the ultimate pants stops here.  

Shop The Passage Pant $148

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